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2 minutes ago, Moncrief said:

Yup Jaylon Smith would definitely do our D some good right about now

I want to see him in a Colts uniform so bad. But we could lose out and still not be picking high enough to get him unless we trade up. Unless he bombs at the combine, which is unlikely since he's a freakish athlete.

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27 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:


For everyone criticizing our play and bashing our play did anyone feel like we were going to win anyway. I mean we are playing with our backup QB who has been Good but he isn't Andrew. We haven't lost in a month and still are in 1st place in the Sou

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    • Well….    It’s 10 days later and it doesn’t look like my prediction has aged well…   Yes, we won our game vs Houston, but that wasn’t hard to see coming.    Here’s what else I didn’t see coming…..   That Hilton and Campbell would both have good games, yet both also got hurt.  Campbell is lost for the season, Hilton may or may not be lost for this game or more.  Plus Rock re-injured his ankle some so it’s not clear how much/little he’ll play?   And it’s not clear how much Rhodes can play.   And to top it all off, Blackmon tears his Achilles and is lost for the season.   Wow, I can’t remember a season with so many injuries in a secondary?!?    So it doesn’t look good for the good guys Monday night.   But I’d add this….   Wentz looks more comfortable each week, and so does Taylor.   And that’s because the OL is also getting better and they make our engine go.   Now factor in a very rainy night and who knows who might win.   This might be a very strange game and the underdogs might just surprise?!    Or not.   But it should be interesting to watch. 
    • So far,  all the stories I read say this move is to give the Colts a little breathing room to pay for bottom-of-the-roster moves for the rest of the season.      The Indy Star reports it contacted the NFLPA which stated the Colts had less than a million left to spend, and that we were dead last in available money.   Dead last.   32 out of 32.   Counting the bye, we still have 12 weeks left with just roughly $3 mill to cover all our roster moves.   
    • Just to expand on this some of the best memories I’ve had at Colts games:   ive only been one road game and it was at Lambo, which even if you aren’t a Packers fan is a magic place.  This was the game that Luck lead the Colts to victory and just by chance I decided to record the opening kickoff which the Colts ran back for a TD.   I saw someone else mention the 95 game vs the 49ers.  I was lucky enough to be there and when that dude missed the kick at the end I thought the rough might come off the old dome.   I was at the KC comeback game in the playoffs.  I remember after Luck threw a pick 6 to start the second half the guy behind me going “the worst thing about coming to these games is that you can’t change the channel.”  Needless to say an hour or so later we were glad we couldn’t.  I was in the right endzone too.  The one where Luck recovered the fumble and dove in and where TY caught what turned out to be the game winner.     I also went to the Manning Bowl II which the Colts won in a blow out.  A giants player tossed his helmet into the stands and Peyton had such control of the offense he changed players on the field while at the line and threw a first down to the guy he called for off the bench.  
    • I think you might have the wrong thread…   we are just talking about teams we’ve seen the Colts play in person here.
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