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Indianapolis Colts
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    • nope his line just finally fell apart  and so did his technical route running receivers he’s had for a while 
    • how many passes has he thrown badly prior to the field goal there’s a reason we settle for field goals when there’s plenty of time left  to not need vinny
    • Yes, you can evaluate JB fairly at this point.  He may not have the most glamourous receivers but he does have a damn good line and running game.  He has plenty of opportunities to make the read and deliver the pass. He simply fails to do this consistently, unless he is spoon fed by Reich.   The narrative that he is anything more than one of the top 5 worst quarterbacks in the league is crazy talk.  PFF had him ranked 26th a month ago, but even that is conservative considering they had him above Tannehill and Pittsburg is now playing Hodges.  I concur with them that he is around the 28th best starting QB in the league.  If we include backups I think he is around 30 to 32.  This makes the decision much easier.
    • It’s a great question.  Most such decisions entail risk.  And, personally, I think it’s more common in the NFL to underestimating the risk of playing it safe by sticking with the slightly above average guys....and/or overestimating the risk of going in a different direction.   Of course, all of this has to be evaluated in the context of what’s possible rather than what would be ideal.  My kids think the Colts just need to go get Joe Burro — no matter how many times I explain to them that it’s not quite that simple.   So, I don’t have a good feel for what our alternatives are at this point.  It’s entirely possible that Ballard & Co. feel like we don’t have any better near-term options.  I have a high degree of trust in CB to make the best decision.  But I do fear (just because it’s so common) that we’ll just be waiting and waiting for Jacoby to reach his potential that they’re so certain is there.
    • sure but you would love it if we gave JB another 2 years or so to develop too lol
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