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Indianapolis Colts


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Will Carolina go perfect?


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  1. 1. Who could the Panthers lose to

    • @ Saints
    • vs Falcons
    • @ Giants
    • @ Falcons
    • vs Buccaneers

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On 11/30/2015, 12:29:46, jvan1973 said:

That is true if the coaches have faced each other a bunch. This is Quins first year in Atlanta, and they are going backwards

They're going so far backwards and fast that I think Quin was actually the one who helped George McFly at Prom.  

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Not sure how much I buy this article, but it raises a lot of good points. 



Carolina has played an easy schedule, that's undeniable. The whole NFC South got a boost this year going up against the NFC East and AFC South. Any team, including TB, could be boosting and winning games left and right. 



Let’s start at the top: This season, Carolina is outscoring foes by about 11.5 points per game, which is relatively low by the standards of an undefeated team. Among the 11-0 club’s dozen members, only the 2009 Indianapolis Colts and 1969 Los Angeles Rams had lower per-game scoring margins than the 2015 Panthers. Further, the Panthers have piled up the wins against a schedule rated as the league’s second-weakest by Pro-Football-Reference.com’s Simple Rating System (SRS). According to SRS, only two of the Panthers’ opponents thus far have been above-average teams: the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers.



I have to agree with their point here, I totally see it. They do remind me a bit of the 2009 Colts, who were undefeated most the season, beating up on cupcake teams. The Colts barely beat New England that year at home, the same Patriots team that the Saints mopped the floor with a few weeks later. It's easy to start 11-0 when all your opponents are crap. The Colts could have went undefeated in 2009, with just the Patriots being their lone opponent that really was any good. 


So far so good, Carolina has only had to play one "tough" team, and that was the Packers, who are a mediocre joke. 

Carolina could run into a problem down the road, by playing all these crap teams and beating up on them, and then in the playoffs they have to play an actual competitive team that don't lay down. 


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