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Colts Vs. Buccaneers Game Day Thread

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Ugly first half.  Defense can't get a stop and can't rush the passer.  Offense can't get into the end zone.  Lots to clean up at halftime, boys

But somehow still in the game.

Hopefully they can find a way in the 2nd half.

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    • No insult, I know Philly is one of the rare areas with its extremely high passion for one sport above all the others. I feel Philly and Green Bay are those areas for football. Everything else is just something to kill some time.   I cant count last year because of the pandemic which is an extreme rarity and skews the numbers. But yes a small drop the last few years for the SB BUT still a huge amount and way above any other sport. When your still looking at 98-111 million viewers for the SB your talking elite numbers.    Finals- Baseball avg around 10-12 mill , Basketball 13-18 mill, Hockey 3-8 mill. Im not even counting 2020 numbers due to the pandemic.    Reg season- So yes last year it was down a ton, but all sports were down a ton. In 2019 they were on a big upraise actually increasing 1.9 mil. to a  avg viewers a week. The highest year ever 2015 for viewers was only 1 mill more then the 2019 number. So it really was not on the decline 3-4 years. 2015 the high point at 17.9 avg a week then it drops 2 years to 3 mill less a week from 2016-2017, then back up again two years in a row 2018-2019 to record numbers again to 16.5 mill a week avg and then the pandemic happens. So they were actually on a upraise again.    Lets also not forget overall TV ratings have dropped almost 10% as well. Not sports rating, overall ratings. So its not a football issue or a sports issue.    So even in a "down" slide it by far destroys every other sport. The NFL reg season avg per week is higher then most of any other sports finals viewer numbers. Maybe this does not get more money in a contract, but it will not get then much less. Once this pandemic is over, I see this jumping up dramatically and I think the NFL will use that in there favor. 
    • He responded already, but the key is $67m in "new money," divided by four additional years = $16.75m average. That's how these contracts get reported and ranked, even though it doesn't work that way on the cap.
    • I've thought this many times 
    • Why would Kelly restructure. Who is better than him in the league? 
    • The Colts will keep Eason because he is on a rookie contract.  Ballard traded for Brissett to be a back up so it stands to reason he values the back up QB position more than some fans do. 
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