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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Buccaneers Game Day Thread

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Great win by our Indianapolis Colts this afternoon! Colts win 25-12 making their season record to 6-5. Today's Colts win over the Buccaneers is also their second three-game winning streak of their 2015 NFL regular season, since winning three straight over the Titans, Jaguars, and Texans, which were also their AFC South divisional opponents, and contributed their 15-0 undefeated divisional winning streak, this span from September 27 through October 8.


Our  Colts next travel to the Heinz Field to play the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers lost this afternoon to the Seahawks at Seattle 39-30.  Colts though may not see Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, who although he threw for 456 yards of Total Offense, the most the Seahawks defense has ever allowed, Roethlisberger left the game late in the fourth quarter on a concussion protocol.


Colts may likely see Landry Jones, with Michael Vick as his backup, as the Steelers QB next Sunday Night for NBC's SNF Football coverage.  Colts will seek to win at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh since Colts QB  Peyton Manning threw his 17-yard touchdown pass to Dominic Rhodes in the fourth quarter to win 24-20 in  their last visit to Heinz Field, back on November 9, 2008.


Colts though were routed in their last visit and meeting over the Steelers at Heinz Field just last season back on October 26, 2014.


Colts still barely lead the AFC South at 6-5. Texans also are 6-5 with their home win over the Saints 24-6, but the Colts own the tiebreaker at this time of the season with their 27-20 win on Thursday Night Football back on October 8.


But for now, Colts Nation, let's enjoy this win for the rest of this week while we can. See you here next Sunday, thanks all of you again for participating on the Colts Game Day Thread, and GO COLTS!!!!!   :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :blueshoe:  :coltslogo:  :D

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    • @Coffeedrinker you said you've watched Cleveland play. First a disclaimer on my part - I haven't watched him, what I'm saying is strictly based on what I've heard - have you noticed him lacking competitive drive and desire to fight? Just listened to Greg Cosell interview and he said he avoids casting such aspersions on players because it is very damning for a player, but he felt it was especially obvious in Cleveland's film that he was lacking competitiveness and didn't seem like he cared much on the field. Did you see this in his film?
    • Of the six corners I've mentioned, they've atleast played meaningful mins. We have a bunch of olinemen I've never even heard of. I'd rather protect our line. Our secondary is fine for now. We atleast have depth there, can't say the same about our oline
    • Here’s one more..,,   NFL.com is out with a new updated Power Ranking...,   Free Agency started the Colts tanked 20th...   Indy is now ranked 13th...  an impressive jump of 7 spots.   And the draft is where Ballard will do his best work.    Nice.....   
    • Moore is arguably the only tested CB vet we have. Rock was thrown to the wolves last year and did great as a rookie. Is he ready to be CB1? The rest have huge question marks. If numbers are everything, yes we have 8 CBs for 3 slots, but we also have 13 OL for 5. Taylor isn't on the roster. As far as OL is concerned, we have 100% of our starters. CB we have 66% of starters. You suggest taking a C early for depth in case of Kelly leaving, but Rhodes is only a 1 year contract so what about him leaving?   Of the 6 CBs we have in addition to Rock and Moore:   Huge questions Rhodes - huge drop off an injury concerns the last 2 years   Unproven Tell - huge project/conversion from S, that only had substantial snaps in 4 games due to injury Wilson - hardly played after the fist 6 games in which he played sparingly.    JAGS Nelson - UDFA practice squad rook that we picked up after Jax cut him. Pitts - UDFA guy that has been waived by 3 teams before we picked him up. Porter - UDFA PS guy we picked up after cut by 2 teams
    • I know Kmet would be great, but he will be gone early I believe. This kid is big, athletic, and would be a great target for Rivers. A lot of analysts rank him in the top 4-5 TE available. Check him out....    
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