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New England (-3) @ Denver (11-28-15)

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I can't stomach NE, but certain players I really do admire their greatness/heart/skill/whatever. Guys like (formerly) Welker and currently Edelmann and Gronk. Plus a few defensive guys like Ninkovich who is criminally underrated.

Gronk is a meathead.

He intentionally tried to injure Sergio Brown.


I dislike him. And this play was freaking celebrated.

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I didn't put any of it on Wade. That always happens at the ends of these games. Look at the CJ Anderson TDs. He was untouched on the first 2, barely touched on the 3rd which was the same play as 1 of the previous TDs. So why didn't he get any touches the 40 times they were in the redzone in between? And that FG...it yielded a 4 pt difference. You still needed a touchdown to win the game. All the FG did was subtract 1 more chance at a TD. The Broncos deserved that less than the Packer the night of the Freeman catch lol! But not because of the players...mad respect for them pulling that out.

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Finally the Patriots have problems for a change, possibly losing Gronk for the season (which I don't wish on anyone's fanbase as I stated but most Pats didn't cry when we lost Andrew) and they lost a game. Let their fanbase squirm a little like we have with losing Andrew for a while and losing some games we should've won. Doesn't taste so good does it LOL

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8:30 EST....Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth on NBC

Mid-20s with light winds...over-under 43.5

Pivotal game of the AFC season....matching AFC East and West leaders

Seems certain to be a low-scoring game because both teams have so many injured offensive players.

The under is a good call and Denver, which is going to be very conservative and field goal friendly, is a better bet if you can get 3 points

Half right....the 'under' was a loser...but Denver (+3) is a winner

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Two things:

1 - I hope Gronk is fine.

2 - Brady is a crying little girl and needs to be penalized for yelling at the refs like that.

He really does whine to the refs A LOT.   I hate bad calls... but today I was amused that Patriots got a couple of questionable calls. 

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Gronkowski was walking around in the hallway...cant be that bad


Has he had an MRI yet? I hope he is fine but still......I mean a few years ago they were saying Reggie Wayne was walking around all fine and the next night we got doom. So I can never tell anymore with this stuff really.


If Gronk escaped a huge injury here of some sort he is truly lucky. He looked in a lot of pain to me.


But, yeah this is a huge wait and see situation for the AFC as a whole with Gronk. I can't really see the Pats going to the SB without Gronk let alone winning it.


Odd tonight too since normally in snow games NE catches fire. I was impressed by Denver.

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As long as they have Edelman for the playoffs, they have a shot at winning it all even without Gronk. Getting Amendola back is big, too but not as much as Edelmann.

The loss of Gronk is substantial.

Indeed, did read this morning that they don't think his injury is that serious. It looked pretty bad, guess we will find out.

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    • That's weird comment...   Anyway, given all are healthy the 5th or 6th guy better be good on STs because he's not going to get a lot of reps in a game.  Heck Patmon hardly put on his uniform last year.  He looks the part but so do a lot of others that have come and gone.
    • I before E except after C 
    • Alright, here it goes. These trades will be close enough but not perfect, let me preface them.     Trade 1: Colts trade No.21 to Ravens for No.27 and No.104 (their 3rd round compensatory pick) and No.171 (their 5th round pick) Trade 2: Colts then trade No.27 to Falcons (they move back into Round 1) for pick No.35, their 4th rounder (pick No.108) and their 5th rounder (pick No.148)   Colts 1st pick: Round 2 Pick No.35 - Payton Turner, DE, Houston 6'5", 270 lbs - strong, good natural bend and agility for his size, fits our D to a tee. Some might say this might be a reach but they said that about Leonard too, and a very good system fit is worth half a round or round early, IMO   Colts 2nd pick: Round 2 Pick No.54 - Spencer Brown, OT, Northern Iowa, 6'8", 311 lbs (lots of Jared Veldheer comparisons, very good athlete much like Braden Smith) - very quick on his feet, should be able to definitely transition to LT, I think he is a better prospect and athlete than Dillon Radunz at this stage of the draft, with longer arms and larger hands, IMO.   Colts 3rd pick: Round 3 Pick No.104 - Jabril Cox, LB, LSU, 6'3", 232 lbs - his athleticism will improve our LB corps and he has good arm length as well that Ballard covets, very good instincts and explosive with good cover talent   Colts 4th pick: Round 4 Pick No.108 -  Tamorrion Terry, WR, Florida State, 6'3", 207 lbs - has good speed, route running needs work which is why he will be available here, can be used like Alshon Jeffery for the big X WR/big body for slants for Reich's system while also sneaking past DBs for the occasional surprise home run hit   Colts 5th pick: Round 4 Pick No.127 - Hunter Long, TE, Boston College, 6'5", 254 lbs - body type is very close to Dallas Goedert and he will be our Burton replacement, receiving TE that is a mismatch for safeties and LBs   Colts 6th pick: Round 5 Pick No.148 - Benjamin St. Juste, CB, Minnesota, 6'0", 202 lbs - I am on the group consensus that Ballard will be drafting only for depth at cornerback unless some great value screams at him; and this is the kind of developmental prospect that fits what they like in CBs that is long that I expect the Colts to draft and develop.   Colts 7th pick: Round 5 Pick No.165 - Jonathan Marshall, DT, Arkansas, 6'3", 310 lbs - Very quick and disruptive athletic DT that is suited to play 3-technique on the inside.   Colts 8th pick: Round 5 Pick No.171 - Darrick Forrest, S, Cincinnati, 6'0", 206 lbs - excellent special teamer, definitely a box safety and has played a lot of big nickel for Cincinnati, compares to George Odum     Colts 9th pick: Round 6 Pick No.206 - Jamie Newman, QB, Wake Forest, 6'3", 234 lbs - might be a later round Jacoby Brissett all over but should help with occasional usage of RPOs and QB sneaks by the goal line   Colts 10th pick: Round 7 Pick No.248 - Chauncey Golston, DE, Iowa, 6'5", 269 lbs - long armed developmental prospect who actually played well lining up inside at Senior Bowl, might work good in certain sub packages     Alright now, crucify me.   
    • No it isn't.  But there's nothing wrong with hoping
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