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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Falcons Game Day Thread

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Did it hit the ground?

I thought so initially.  The call on the field should stand (whatever it was called as?).

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What did they call on the field?

Int but under review as are all turnovers

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    • Their fans are about to find out how life will be without Tom Brady  . Cam could them 10 wins but I give them very little chance to win the SB or make it. I put the % at 10% even making the SB.
    • Wait, how are we worse than the Patriots!? They should be rank 31st... 32nd if Cam gets injured.
    • Hope we have a few of those this year vs TN!
    • This is the message board equivalent of a pick 6    
    • They really feel invincible at the highest level of sports, look at any professional sports team in the country, look at their franchise value compared to 10 years ago, even 5 years ago,the values not only go up they go way up, the sorriest franchise of the last 50 years the Clippers sold for over a billion a few years ago, the Clippers, a team you couldn't pay most people to sit and watch for two hours, are worth over a billion!!! Sports franchises can basically do whatever they want, they will never have any competition, so here are the options 1. quit cold turkey, and when people bring up sports, just say I used to watch it before.. or just avoid. drawback-if you had a past addiction, you will have to avoid going out to eat on Sunday, because almost every place has on the game. 2. become a casual fan who only watches if they make the Super Bowl (the I only watch for the halftime and commercials fan)drawback-this one works easier if you are female  3. put all the weekend energy into something else, lakes, crafts & woodwork, R&R, travel,outdoors, family, because there literally is nothing on the TV to watch on the weekends besides live sports. drawback-living in the northern part of the U.S.  4. go to radio/internet only, something I have done in the past, most of the changes will evaporate and it is just about the game& field position, drawbacks-instant replay 5. continue to be a fan, but let them know your opinion, and become an outspoken critic, let them know your displeasure constantly week after week, and when they say "go find another team", or "we don't want you as a fan", don't listen to them, and just articulate your displeasure. If enough people do this, they will listen they will have to, don't believe me, take a look at how many sports franchises change their logo and uniforms and a decade later they add a third jersey, and eventually the classic jersey is back. Brewers, Padres, Astros, Blue Jays, NY Giants, Chargers, Rams,Islanders, Sabres, Capitals, Coyotes, Pistons, 76ers, Warriors, etc drawback-people will avoid you like covid-19
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