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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Falcons Game Day Thread

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Did it hit the ground?

I thought so initially.  The call on the field should stand (whatever it was called as?).

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What did they call on the field?

Int but under review as are all turnovers

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    • The dead silence is telling! 
    • That's so true. When it happens, it is meant to happen. When it doesn't, it's not. Even above what players could control...   (That's not to be taken as excuse for some teams, but it's true for some great teams).
    • I think I know what you're talking about, that s#*t escalated quickly....   I didnt have a problem with your initial statement, I knew what you were driving at.  I can sympathize with with the fact that you could wish you had used different words though. That said, it wasn't nearly as personal, hateful, or damaging as some of the rhetoric it inspired.   It's a football forum after all and your initial comment should have been viewed through that lens imo.  Unfortunately we're living through a heartbreaking incident, a legitimate tragedy, and tensions are at a peak nationwide.    I appreciate you "being the bigger man" (or woman idk you personally and thus it's a mystery).  For whatever its worth though, apology accepted.   Go Colts
    • Out of the franchises that have never won a SB, to me it comes down to 3 teams that were the best = the 1984 Dolphins, 1990 Bills, and your 1998 Vikings. Those teams had would it took but just didn't finish. We didn't finish in 2005 but did in 2006 thankfully. I hate losing, when we lost in 2005 I even had my doubts we would win 'The 1'. Besides being great, it takes a lot of luck to win 1. Look at the Colts run in 2006, 5 Vinny FG's at Baltimore, come from behind win to beat the Pats after being down 21-3. It was just meant to happen. When Bob Sanders came back I knew deep down we were the favorites but the AFC was so deep that year I didn't want to jinx it.
    • As a Vikings fan with no big hope for the near future, I can attest you're absolutely right.    Yeah, one could always look at how they're team could've won more.    But only few have the presence of mind to know how winning that one is such a big feat.    If Randy Moss had won one for the Vikings especially '98 season, fans would think he should have got us more. But, now we know even getting there in the big game is not a given for all greats. It's difficult to think from that perspective after you have won 1 or more.
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