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Peter King Reports Colts And Manning Open To Pushing Back Date


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28 million is a pittance compared to the amount of jack and esteem that Jim has received since 2000, due in a large part to the presence of Peyton Manning. I am amazed at how fans become selfish for wins and throw any loyalty out the window. This isn't just a great QB who brought us all a championship, he is the freaking goat who helped bring Jim's Colts from the bottom to the top.

I go on record that even if PM does not heal one bit more between now and when the contract must be signed (however they work that out), Jim will pay him the money.

:clap: Thank you.

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RG3,McNabb,Vick,Young,McNair and that desaster in Oakland. Athletes,loads of talent,can throw the ball a long ways, very exiting.Down side, can't read defenses,no leadership skills, brake and run nine times out of ten. Every year the talking heads try to push these guy's up to the top of the QB ranks. Look how many years the Steelers wasted on Cordell stewert. Jacksonville blew it with thier brillint starters until this year. Pocket passers that study film and only make the news on the field,and leave nite clubs before closing time will be NFL elite quarterbacks. Robert Griffin 111 will live down to expectations.

Say again? I am hearing some major stereotypes here.

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