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Report: Colts DE Henry Anderson tore ACL (merge)

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It's a tough loss, because we all know next man up isn't necessarily next man, you go out and do as good as the predecessor, or he would have already been first man up.

we drop WAY down from Henry, there is going to have to be some strings pulled by Grigson, this is where he earns his pay and all that steak he is putting on the table for his family.  I don't know what he can do at this point, but it needs to be in a hurry and well played... otherwise teams will drive battering-rams through this vacant side of our D

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Not sure why no one is talking about the loss of Henry Anderson. Probably because losing Luck is the bigger blow but losing Henry is going to be tough. This guy was playing extremely well for a rookie. He definitely made our run defense better. Hopefully Kerr, McGill, Wynn can step up thier game. With a stretch of games coming up that are very winable we need the run defense to be atleast average.


With Henry sustaining an ACL tear at the midway point thru the season its also a tough order for him to get back by the time training camp starts. I know players are coming back sooner and sooner after those surgeries now but it will be tough for him to be ready for camp. It's a big blow to our defense for sure.



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