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    • Oh...he isn’t joking.
    • I'm not saying you're wrong man. One thing about JB though is he's careful with the football and still has legs. The guy can still ball. The other thing is Las Vegas only has about $4M in effective cap as it stands now and there are teams out there with much worse QB rooms right now. Not saying JB would be a bad fit for the Colts, but again, if he's going to land a contract as a backup he's probably going to want a similar deal with P5 money or a signing bonus. As a backup, he's probably not going to get a prorated bonus because nobody wants to deal with dead cap over a backup QB. The Colts would just be repeating what they did this year when they brought in Rivers, but it made more sense because I think everyone knew this was his swansong. I don't understand the logic that says JB will command less money than a 37 year old QB; who basically is going to make an extra $8.6M from a team he's not even going to play for, that people are scared to death to put on the field. Not to mention there are a few teams out there that could absolutely see him playing a handful of games for and who are chasing unknown commodities at the position in the draft. I think he's at least worth more to a team like that as an insurance policy, particularly with future cap considerations on the oline, LB and any potential FA signings Ballard wants to make. I would absolutely not make JB any sort of priority. You're not really going to know for sure until June 1 if he's going to take a deal like the one you're suggesting in my view. The other part of that is I'd almost rather grab Smith for a song and put a high character guy like him, a freaking hero, behind a kid like Eason and even Wentz just for a locker room presence.
    • Vikings select Kyle Pitts  Patriots next 
    • Chargers select Christian Darrisaw  Vikings are next. 
    • Idk, I make a mean tomato carrot cake.
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