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    • This is a tell all year for Wentz IMO. Ballard and Reich believe in him so I do as well. I really hope Wentz at least gets us to the playoffs and wins 10 or 11 games. It may take 11 wins to get us in like it did this past season. I can't call it right now, I don't think Wentz is bad but not sure he is good either? You have bad, below average, average, good, very good, great. I have no idea where I rank him. He has proven he can be very good like in 2017. 
    • Yeah that is a different view, viewing from the endzone is different compared to having 50 yard line or so tickets lol. Just going to a game is great regardless in reality. I have been to a few games sitting right behind the endzone, I didn't mind it at all  
    • BTW.  Last ST's we had were section 129.  Row 20ish    4 seats on the isle.      I learned to watch the game from the end zone.  And I'll never see a game differently from here on out.   Dad always said watch the line. ,from there you'll know the play   Maybe one day I'll share who my dad is.  Right now he says no. HAHA         
    • Why do you think I gave the confused face - Wentz isn't as athletic or as smart as Luck was and he isn't nowhere near Peyton's intelligence when it comes to reading defenses.  
    • Um you do realize Andrew went to Stanford right? Not exactly an easy school to get into. Not to mention Peyton was notorious for his computer-like mind
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