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Talib needs to get suspended for that. He came up and purposely poked him in the eye. No difference than throwing a punch

Did you see the impact force on that too....Allen could have lost an eye on that. I hope the league suspends his butt for the rest of the season. That's dirtier than anything Suh has done even

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    • Yes. They did have the most opt-outs. I think most of them are coming back this year which will help if Bill decides to keep them or release them. Many of them are older and are on big contracts so it will be interesting to see what they do.   Brady always gave him the luxury of building a middle class team because he could elevate the talent. It will be much more difficult now without the QB. Perhaps some of our Pats posters could shed light on what they will do at QB. I saw they were not in on Wentz at all and they are not in on Watson or Wilson either so I wonder if they are thinking Cam again?  The QB is what did them in the most last year. Cam just didn't have it at all.    BTW, I have been meaning to tell you for some time that I really enjoy your posts a lot. I don't post a ton up here but I do read the site most days and I always enjoy your takes. You really put a lot of thought and solid reasoning behind your points. I enjoy that. 
    • I don’t know why you felt the need to go there, but you did.   This is several bridges too far from reality.   Good luck selling this to anyone.    Astonishing.   
    • Part of the reason the Pats roster looked so thin, isn’t just because they let Brady go.   8 players, including key staters like LB Dont’a Hightower, S Patrick Chung, OT Marcus Cannon and WR Marqise Lee all sat out last year due to Covid.    I believe New England list more players sitting out than any other team. 
    • That is not the narrative anymore though. This season was not just about Brady winning and Bill losing, it was about how the teams looked all year. The Tampa team morphed into looking like the Patriot teams. They went from one of the most penalized teams last year to middle of the pack this year. Their offense which was always talented, all of a sudden became clutch especially in the post-season and their defense transformed from a very good defense all season to a dominant defense in the post-season which was also reminiscent of the Pats teams.  On the flip side, the Patriots looked out of sorts all season. Belichick became an excuse machine blaming the cap, Covid, practice time, etc as reasons for their sub-par season which he had never done in the past.   In short, the Patriot Way appears to have really been the Brady Way and that is what Bill is needing to disprove this upcoming season to change the narrative.
    • Most players are drafted on potential so I am curious where he would fall on Ballard's draft board?  Who knows if his contact with the Colts will turn into something?  There are a couple of TEs in the draft I am definitely interested in.  I know there is no way for Pitts to fall to the Colts but if he did It wouldn't make me made to use a #1 on him. 
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