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    • If Rick doesn’t turn the corner.   There’s that word — IF.   And if he does, your claim, which is premature at best, will be factually wrong.    Again,  too soon to know.   Again, too small a sample size.   Your constant rush to judgement always leads to these kind of moments.   
    • I know Rhodes very well could be gone next year, but drafting a CB in the 1st this year seems like a very roundabout way of dealing with our needs. We have a DE need NOW. Postponing dealing with it would feel like giving up in my opinion.   CB is a need next year and we don't have the picks or the trade value to get away with drafting a CB in the first few rounds this year.   Also, I know drafting for need isn't always an option, but this mock is like a last resort in my opinion. We have serious needs on DE and LT and if we can't get either met in the 1st, then we trade back. If we can't get good enough value for the 21st, then, and only then, is CB an option as BPA.
    • I'm not really sure what this means.
    • Horn would be an excellent choice. You can't always draft immediate need. Don't forget Rhodes could be gone next year and Horn would give us 2 solid CBs and a 1 next year.    Don't completely rule it out 
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