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    • Wow, another I am bored off season thread that means exactly zero. 
    • You gave yourself away when you made the comment you just make stuff up to see what kind of responses you can get. That is either looking for attention or just plain trolling. 
    • A solid group from the Polian era? Grigson inherited a 2-win team with aging expensive players.   Clark, Addai and Brackett were old and had to be cut, which resulted in dead cap hits.   Manning’s dead cap hit was huge.   Freeney had the highest cap hit of any player in the NFL that season...and gave them a handful of sacks.   1/3 of his salary cap was dead cap hits from Polian contracts. Contrast to the cap situation that Ballard inherited.   Other than AC and Bethea, the cupboard was bare. Grigs had to re-sign Mathis and Wayne...a gamble considering the age of both players and the type of moves that most rebuilding teams do not do.   He earned every bit of that Exec of the Year award. 
    • Just look at Polian’s draft’s from 1998 to 2006.   Full of Hall of Famers!       What?  Are?  You?  Talking?   ABOUT?!? 
    • I think most QB play looks average in the playoffs. They don't wow you with greatness. Brady certainly doest wow you by his performance in the playoffs regardless of his results. He doesn't look like a QB with as many rings that suggests he's leaps and bounds more elite than other QBs that have been there.    But that shoot out with Favre was pretty fun to watch. Unfortunately I couldn't watch that game back then live. Let's not forget, when the pressure is off, its a lot easier. 
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