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    • JB is not my favorite QB. But even I would never compare him to the likes of the guys on that list. He is much more in the Hasselback group.    But I also disagree with putting Grigs on that list as well. He wasn’t a disaster or an embarrassment...he was just a disappointment in the end. A guy who couldn’t evaluate talent nearly as well as he did early in his career. And he was an unlikeable guy (which has always made me wonder how he sold Irsay on giving him the job).    But plenty of GMs fail to get there with a star QB...especially early in that QB’s career. Only one team gets to win the SB each year.    I mean...just look at Polian. He got there eventually...but he was gifted PFM...and didn’t win a playoff game until the 6th season. Grigs had won 3 by his 3rd season...and had just as many playoff appearances (3) as Polian over their first 5 seasons. Polian is a HOFer...but my point is that it’s not easy even when you get a great QB.   And as I have said before...Luck was great and my favorite player of all time...but he wasn’t quite Mahomes or Rodgers good...they are true Ferraris. He made mistakes and also didn’t exactly light it it up in January either. I think his prime would have been something to behold and maybe he would have taken his game to a new level...but injuries unfortunately derailed that (which I think many parties are to blame for...not just Grigs).   The guys on that list brought nothing to this org...Grigs at least managed to oversee a winning roster for years. A 49-31 record (.612 winning %) with a 3-3 playoff record, in 5 years, is far from a disaster. If you want to see what a true disaster looks like...it’s what has happened in HOU...where their FO has wasted a QB who (IMO) might be even better than Luck.   So far, Ballard has been superior in just about every facet. But the results are still the results. We can discount 2017...but without it the Colts are still just 28-20 (a .583 winning %) and 1-2 in the playoffs so far. Yes, he has only had Luck for one of those seasons...but that’s just another way of saying he needed Luck to win more games (to win more playoff games). And that’s the argument I always hear to vilify Grigs...that he only won because of Luck. Seems like a double standard...and not the only one.   I think most Colts fans have become huge fans of the process...and that’s great. It’s might be my favorite part of sports. But there are those that are still results-oriented...and I can understand why some might be asking what does it all without the results? This season will be huge to answering that question. 
    • Relax....i was paraphrasing a Bill Tobin quote . Tobin went off on Kiper when the Colts drafted Trev Alberta instead of Trent Dilfer. 
    • @Superman   @w87r   So, among many things, I get e-mail from Sports Illustrated every day.   And the other day,  there was this article written by Andew Brandt, who used to handle the contracts and salary cap issues for the Packers for 10 years.    And one thing he wrote jumped off the page at me.     Now, here's why I remind our two resident Salary Cap experts I noted above about something they have both talked about,  but I haven't seen either of them talk about this year.   Roll Over.   According to Brandt,  the Colts have the MOST SALARY CAP ROLLOVER in the NFL.   $30 MIl.    So, whatever the general 2021 team salary cap turns out to be,  you can add $30 Mill for the Colts.     I'm going to do two things.     I'm going to link the entire article for everyone.    It's free, non-premium,   and I'm also going to cut and paste the key section for everyone to read right here.      OK....    here's the article...      And just for discussion purposes,  Brandt uses a projected salary cap of $185.   He's NOT saying that's what the final number will be,  only his own hypothetical number for his article.   https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/03/02/business-of-football-understanding-the-salary-cap-dead-money?suid=5cc1cc3a3f92a475c0234f43&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SI Extra 030221&utm_term=SI Extra - USE THIS - List     Here is the key text:   Myth: Every NFL team’s cap number is going to be $185 million   No. Actually, no team’s cap number is going to be $185 million (or whatever the final cap number is). The 2011 CBA, for the first time, allowed teams to carry over unused cap room from one year to the next. In managing the cap for the Packers, we did not have that option; it was use it or lose it. I had to negotiate * incentives—such as a clause giving our third-string quarterback $20 million if he threw seven touchdowns in our last game—to carry over cap room. (When he didn’t earn the incentive, we would get it as a credit toward the next year.) Now teams don’t have to play those games. As per NFLPA numbers, every team in the league has carried over 2020 cap room, from a low of roughly $500,000 for the Ravens to a high of more than $30 million for the Colts. Teams carrying over $20-plus million of cap include the Jets, Browns, Eagles, Cowboys and Jaguars. Thus, although the team cap is $185 million, the Colts’ adjusted cap will be around $215 million, and so on. And again, these teams have been preparing, or should have been preparing, for this reduced cap for months.   What say you both, Superman and w87r?     What do you think of what Brandt has written?    Does everyone have to re-do their off-season mocks reflecting a team figure of $215?     I look forward to hearing from both of you and others!
    • Jets take Zach Wilson  dolphins up
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