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    • Think of it this way. How many QBs have multiple SB wins? Some of the best QBs in the last 20 years have 1 if they are lucky. Brees, Rodgers, Mahomoes, Wilson all have 1. Only 4 have won multiple bowls in 20 years. Brady, both Mannings and Big Ben.    Just because he was picked number 1 ovr doesn't mean anything. Most top 10 QBs are busts and have zero SBs. You should feel lucky that your GM picked a good one and gave you a fighting chance every year and landed one SB. You could have had Ryan Leaf. 
    • Strangely enough, I ran into Marlon Mack at the Indy airport Saturday morning. He said his rehab is going well, and when I asked him about returning to Indy he said, "I don't want to play anywhere else." Probably meaningless in the big picture, but I thought it was a promising response. I also thanked him for sticking around this season to help coach the other backs.
    • As a headline,  it looks ridiculous.    Any rookie would like silly being compared to Brady.   But we're all measuring any given rookie to 7-time Super Bowl winner, Tom Brady.    Everyone looks bad in that comparison.   But if you measure him against the 199th overall pick 20 plus years ago,  then it doesn't look quite so bad.   I think Jones is a hard eval....   because it's hard to know if he's good because of his ability,  or the fact that he was surrounded by 5 and 4 star talent everywhere.    In a 2-year window,  Alabama is going to have 4 first round draft pick wide receivers!   And they will all be pretty highly selected.    That will help any QB.    I think it makes for a much harder evaluation.  
    • Ty for correcting typo yes 50m Samuel is projected 11 per year 
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