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Indianapolis (+7) @ Carolina (11-2-15)

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I really don't know what to make of Luck in this game.  

Overall he was not good.   He did have a good 4th quarter.

He seems to be morphing more and more into Brett Farve in his "always go for it" throws.   The problem is that the Colts do not have the WR's to play that style.   He can't just fling all these balls an expect the WR's to fight the DB's for it. 

I was impressed with the defense.   They played as well as I think they are capable of playing.  

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    • While I understand your point, you completely ignored the premise of the post.  I hope you enjoy your grammatic superiority kind sir!
    • Yea we can hope Patmon  emerges because our WR group is solid. We will eventually need a TY replacement. Did everyone forget we signed JJ Nelson right after the season ended.
    • After how well Cain and Fountain emerged...I sure hope not.    Teams are pretty damn good at scouting WRs...and they still miss on a bunch of them. Late-round WRs, specifically, fail to make a true impact at a very high rate. Just look at how many late-round WRs and UDFAs enter the league each year...that you never really hear from again.    Pascal made it...but he is also unique in that way...and not unique in that he has very visible limitations as a WR.   I suppose there's a chance that the Colts found the diamond in the rough...but the odds are seriously against it. That's not to say that Patmon isn't a decent WR...but it's a huge leap to the NFL. Very good chance he's a JAG. If he ends up with 200-300 yards in a season...that will be a good accomplishment for him.      
    • To actually answer this...if he stays healthy...   63% completion rate, 3,900 - 4,100 yards, 24 TDs, 12 INTs, 91 Passer Rating, 59 QBR
    • It's an interesting thought exercise. But I really think that condition exists because of the injury history. As long as Wentz is healthy, I couldn't even imagine how they would spin the optics of benching him prior to reaching that threshold. They certainly didn't bench JB when it was clear he wasn't able to get the job done. The reason was because he gave them their best chance to win (or so they said).   And unless they get a legit backup QB...that's definitely going to be the case with Wenz.   What message does that send to the locker room and fanbase other than "we care more about a 1st round draft picks than we do about Carson Wentz and about winning." I can't imagine that going over well in the locker room...especially if these guys are truly bonding.   And if Wentz somehow doesn't give them the best chance to win at that point...then they would have major egg on their faces for even making that trade.  
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