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How in the world no one on this coaching staff has been fired yet is a miracle in itself! This team was pre season super bowl favorites. In week 7 they are now toilet bowl favorites!

They are setting up one of those 7-9 vs. 12-4 match ups at home in the playoffs.
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We gotta be the dumbest team in the entire NFL. I cant stand how people have been saying "Oh our O-Line is coming together" ITS NOT. Grigson is the stupidest GM I have ever seen. Pep Hamilton don't know his @$$ from a hole in the ground. It UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!


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Luck has only about 30 yrds. passing with 4 completions. OL is back to form in not protecting Luck.

they aren't moving the pocket like they were with hasselback and the playcalling is dumb and as usual gore is running hard and we aren't running
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    • He is so much like moosejaw, you may have mixed the 2 up  but I do believe @Nickster would be ok with Leonard walking if we offer him a huge contract. If he isn't ok with Leonard walking, he should say so. 
    • Thanks boss.   And yes the three of us you mentioned I believe are heading to the other Colts elite league this season and we are trying to find out the handle of whoever was the Joe's league champ last year since I did not know it.   Good luck and I hope the Joe's league fills. It is a fun league and fun group of guys.
    • Ok, my apologies to everyone for the late start on this, but I just wanna confirm what @Colt92 sent me.   I have information for 13 people, but according to the league site on nfl.com, there are currently 7 still in the league:   Team name "Cry Me a Rivers" on the league site (don't know which forum member that is) @Melancholie @WarGhost21 (I think) @brently76  (I think) @TomDiggs @Kangaroo and myself   It seems we lost some people, and I think @brently76 @TomDiggs and @Kangaroo are all moving up to the Elite league if I'm not mistaken?   So I think we have quite a few openings.  I believe @Mackrel829, @IndyEric07, @Chrisaaron1023 were interested?  @buccolts  @Matthew Gilbert   I'd like to have a 12-team league like the Elite League.  If you're already in the Joe's League and I didn't tag you, let me know (and sorry).  If you're interested in joining the Joe's League, let me know.   @chad72 Thank you for getting the ball rolling early on this.  I may be tagging you once in a while in this thread just to try and make sure both commissioners are on the same page moving forward.  
    • I haven’t said any of the things you’ve said.  Like ever.  On here or anywhere else.
    • What if you let Leonard walk for someone that has better pass coverage at WILL but doesn't create turnovers or tackle like Leonard. His coverage skills weren't questionable in 2018 or 2019 is really my point. We all know last year he struggled in that area but it was 1 year. Take away a guy that can tackle like him, our team will get ran all over. Leonard lead the league in tackles in 2018 and was 8th last year. Your LB's should be great tacklers and great at getting to the QB. If we had a good secondary, Leonard could be above average in pass coverage and we could get away with it. Moore is a good player, outside of that our secondary is real suspect. If anything should be criticized it is our secondary.
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