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Colts Vs. Patriots Sunday Night Football Game Thread

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True, situationally you want 'something'. But he's getting hit too much, and often is prone to turning it over when that happens. 



I think just saying that was an awful , pathetic 28 minutes of offensive football sums it up ?

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Jesus. Some relatives in Argentina just texted me about the Colts punt blunder. They don't even watch American football... damn.

Ray Charles just texted me and told me that play was the dumbest thing he never saw. 

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Interesting to see I am not the only one starting to doubt Luck. I like the guy, but honestly..


a) He is just not accurate anymore...and its not just his injury.  It was like this from day 0 this year.  Over throws, under throws, way too soft, etc.  And its more often than not now, not just a few hear and there.


b) It is becoming apparently to me that he is pretty bad at reading defense at the line and making changes to the play and making the right audibles.  Hasselbeck totally showed he is light years better at this, and we got to see what a real QB who can read the line can do.  The difference was dramatic.


c) He holds the ball about 1000 seconds too long.  He just can't seem to find the receivers quick enough or scan the field fast enough.


d) Because of (B), he almost always passes.  Or when he does go with the run he has no clue what the defense is doing so he goes run right into coverage for no gains.  He never sees the right D for a good run, and call it in an audible, etc..




Its quite possible that he is not really a "franchise QB".  Just because someone has an awesome throwing arm, does not mean he has the smarts and the adjustment skills to really be a QB of the quality of someone like Manning etc.


I am not sure the solution, but I do think I am much less in favor of having big super star offense teams, and going with a more balanced approach and having good D and O-line and everything else and not just spending all the money on a few offensive weapons like Indianapolis has been doing since Manning.

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