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    • Guessing he rightfully thinks either A) they'll want more money since they are coming off cheap contracts, or B) they need to be improved upon by a wide variety of choice.
    • Let Hilton walk and sign a wr in free agency. Some big names that could be available and I’d be willing to go for one of the big names even if it cost us.
    • That's a pretty bad take given how much he's come on lately (especially given the WR situation), we're winning the AFCS, and have zero idea about Eason.    I doubt Ballard is ready to flash cut given the talent he's assembled for a run.
    • I understand there's a lot of homerism here and seeing things through rose colored glasses and ignoring things that aren't great and making excuses about inheriting Griggs roster & Pagano, and blaming '17 draft class on not having his scouts AND Luck retiring. There's probably similar bias on every teams forums. And that's fine, Fans is short of Fanatics.  And that's what we are.   Here's the thing tho, are we good? .. Yes. We're tied for 1st place(record). So why does our 7-3 record make Ballard the King of GM's of all time like so many say around here? We're 1 of 8 division leaders. Why isn't the Steelers GM,who are 10-0 despite losing superstars Bell & Brown recently mentioned up there with Ballard here? I heard a talking head last season say it will take 3 or 4 years to rebuild. And now over night they are undefeated and a serious super bowl threat.   The Ravens are always known for good rosters. Why is Ballard considered so much better than him?   KC are super bowl champs and are loaded, a 9-1 record, a excellent coach and have the Best QB in football in place for the next decade!!!    The team we're tied with, Titans, dont have a elite or franchise qb, yet they are doing well this year and made the AFCCG last season. Whoever is calling the shots there isn't doing so bad, is he?   The Dolphins tanked last year and overnight are playoff contenders this season with a rookie Franchise QB for next decade. Their GM isn't stinking up the joint, huh?   Buffalo is leading their division  with a good roster I hear and have their QB in place. I'm not crazy about Allen but I wouldn't mind him going forward. They've been decent/good for several years, so I guess their GM is doing ok too?   Mayock inherited a Dumster Fire yet he's turned that team around in a short time and the organization hired a proven SB winning HC.   The Pat's went to like 15 straight AFCCG's so some credit I guess is due to Belichek the GM? Or was it just  from coaching/cheating? Lol   SF was at the bottom not too long ago and built up right away and went to a super bowl.  Not bad by their GM.   Seahawks are a playoff/top team practically every season and have one of the Top Offenses in football.    Cardinals, like 49ers were at the bottom not too long ago. Now they have a good team and a Franchise if not Elite QB for the next decade!!!   Who's calling the shots in New Orleans? Is it Payton? Whoever it is has them as one of the best teams in football every season.    So like I said above we're doing well. But other teams, other GM's are doing well also.     
    • Go thru your own list.   A number of the players you list as “let walk” are already making at or near the minimum.   Letting them walk makes little sense unless they get replaced by high level draft picks because they still have to be replaced.   And the replacements will likely cost what these guys are currently making.   You’re just swapping one inexpensive player for another.    Decisions could get really REALLY complicated IF we decide to pay Leonard and Smith a year before we have to.   And I think that’s highly likely.  Their type of talent gets the VIP treatment when it comes to $$$$.    By the way, thanks so much for the thread.   There are going to be lots of great discussions here over the next 6 months or so.   Appreciate you starting it!       
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