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The Patriots pre-game thread -- Week 6 (merge)


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    • Just what makes you think Jerry Jones is interested in Brissett?  Fitz or Taylor seem more like it IMO.
    • Minshew completing 19 of his 20 passes was a   huge part of it.   I'd say 45% Reich play-calling would be 25% responsible for the loss.    Rivers INT's were 20% responsible for the loss. 10% would be others (missed field goal, Hilton drops ect.).
    • I hate to see any player get hurt in the NFL.  But I figured if a team got desperate at QB, it would be the perfect time to dump Jacoby Brissett for a draft pick.  The Cowboys are in trouble likely and it would be a perfect time to move Brissett.  He is gone at the end of the year anyways so might as well get something out of him, since they likely won't get a comp pick if he signs somewhere else since we will sign free agents ourselves.  
    • but he is on another team, didn’t get developed here. Anderson and Jerry Hughes would be other examples of guys who developed away from us.  yeah I get it, I’m very stubborn once irritated and just what the league did at the beginning of the season has really frustrated me. They went with the wind of what voice screamed loudest and alienated many of the supporters who actually spent money on the games. Won’t be me anymore for along time most likely. Heck, Sears ticked me off once, never went back. That was 18 years ago lol.  just reading, it sounds like a lot of those pressures from AQM and Autry cane in the first few games and them died off? Could be they are or have just been used more than their bodies are capable of performing at that same high level? I suppose Houston is suffering from the same individual stat lines as Buckner has. Gets good push and pressure but isn’t getting home to make the big impact play. That is what I’ve heard on the Kevin Bowen podcast for Buckner. While he is doing what others hadn’t been able to do and he is opening up opportunities for others, he hasn’t hit the sack totals and individual stat lines that all pro players will get. Are we getting those seal plays from the edges from our Lb’ers or DE’s that we were getting with Sheard or are these QB’s and Rb’s slipping out?  agree. Didn’t we get lots more pressure from Leonard last season? I think the defense planned on Turay and Lewis being involved in this defense. Along with the addition of Buckner, having Turay and Lewis at rush end could have been the game plan but injuries and whatever is going on with Lewis so far happens. I see that Lewis is getting more reps and more praise so hopefully that’s not just coaching motivation and he is actually flashing on the field now. Would be nice to get production from him. 
    • you are making the assumption that they would not score there, so who are you to say im the one assuming the wrong thing?  you said it didnt change the game when both picks could have been points for us instead   we had more than double their yardage. the defense bent but didnt let them do much at all after the catch, and their completions were mostly short 
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