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Colts @ Texans Thursday Night Football Game Thread

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I expect if we win this, we have won the division.  Plain and simple.  Perhaps by the end of the season we can get Luck back and on a roll.  So let's get this one!  I expect Moncrief, the TEs and Dorsett to come through with big moments and this is the game where we need Gore to break our 100 yard game drought by a single back.   If he can do that, I think the H man, who the announcers said didn't even look like himself he was so sick, then we're good for the playoffs and division.   Our focus can shift to getting luck healthy and just hanging on to the division while getting ready to roll in the playoffs.  If we lose, it is going to be a very very long season.  If Luck has the shoulder injury rumor has been saying all week, he could be done as the HOF prospect we've all hoped he would be.  The entire future of the Colts will forever change.  Let's hope it goes our way and Luck is rolling the second half of the season.  If we win, I would give ALL our injured players the NE game off and just give it away to get healthy for the rest of the season.  Let's then surprise them in the playoffs.  


That's as optimistic as I can be.  Adam V needs to have a 4 or 5 FG game as well and Vontae or Toler need 2 INTS.  Go Colts!

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