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Would you? (just for fun)

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I'm undecided personally. Good OL, but we'd pretty much be screwed for any skill positions.


WR: Griff Whalen, Duron Carter, Da'rick Rogers (perhaps)

TE: Jack Doyle, Sean McGrath

RB: Josh Robinson, Tyler Varga


IMO I'd take my chances if such a hypothetical situation was available.

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I'm split.


Half of me say sure, get the OL tank this year and grab a great WR like Treadwell or RB like Elliott then grab more playmakers later in the draft similar to our 2012 class. 


The other half knows this team is close enough to a super bowl, and that we can grab another lineman or two in the draft/free agency and our O will be set.

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Nah. Lemme keep one of Moncrief or Dorsett and one of the TE's. That way we still have SOME reliable skill position guys. If I had to be specific, i say keep Dorsett and Fleener. I love Moncrief but I think Dorsett has the higher upside. And Fleener over Allen. Allen is a great blocker but that's not really needed if you have the Cowboys Oline.


And I like Rob and Varga. I like em even more behind that O line

So theoretically, my starting O would be:

QB: Andrew Luck

RB: J Robinson

WR1: Dorsett

WR2: Carter (or Whalen)

TE1: Fleener

TE: Doyle

That's not TOO bad for skill positions. Plus, it's still really young. No one older than 27

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This is so easy, YES!!!

I guarantee that we would be a better football team with Luck playing behind the Cowboys OL without our skilled position players.

You give Luck time in the pocket something he hasn't had the luxury of having yet, and he will beat you 98% of the time with a decent or mediocre WR corp and RB.

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It's so bizarre that everyone (including myself) unanimously uses Dallas as the measuring stick for a great NFL offensive line, yet Tony Romo ends up on the disabled list every season. But after watching the past 3 weeks, we've been soooo sloppy up front.


This is a really tough question by the way. I'd be willing to give up 3 playmakers for their interior, not naming any names though, it's too difficult to decide who to let go of.

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Would you have the Cowboys OL...


if it hypothetically means we won't have the following players: TY, Moncrief, Dorsett, Gore, Andre Johnson, Allen, Fleener?




It's easier to find decent receivers than it is to find the o-line talent that the Cowboys have.


I'd make that trade......   and for the record,  I love all the guys you're willing to give up.   But the Dallas o-line is rare and special.

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I would give up TY, Andre, Fleener, Allen, and Gore. That is a ton actually. TY would be the key in that trade for Dallas to make it fair for Dallas + Fleener and Allen are 2 Good TE's, Witten is older. Gore still looks good too and Dallas doesn't have a big name RB. I would want to keep Moncrief and Dorsett though, I mean we still would be giving up 5 quality players and TY by my suggestion.  

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Then who would we have on offense???


Luck with time to throw the ball, that's who.

Who was Edelman before Brady?

Who was Blair White before & after Peyton Manning?

A franchise QB can make a good WR out of an average one, especially if he has time in the pocket to pick the defense apart.


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