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I really hope Luck doesn't get CTE

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Seriously, though, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope Luck starts diving feet first.  We might think that 1st down is worth it, but it only takes one bad hit to the head...


As a fan, I used to hate watching Manning hit the deck as soon as someone breathed too loudly in his direction while he was in the pocket.  But they don't call him the most "cerebral" QB ever for no good reason, he was protecting himself, and he was smart to do so.  Luck could learn A LOT from Manning, like how to get rid of the ball quickly to protect yourself when your OLine isn't playing well... hmmm, sounds familiar...

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It's been four years and the offensive line might be worse than ever.

Blame Grigson.

He could have signed Evan Mathis. He over-paid Donald Thomas and Cherilus and neither one of them are wearing a Colts uniform anymore.

He needs to make a trade and try to salvage this line before the week 6 trade deadline.

I can't envision this team going forward with the players we have. This line is astrocious.

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