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Why not Sean Payton as Colts coach in 2016?

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Bad coach. Yeah ok. Cause bad coaches win Super Bowls and turn around an historically awful franchise to a yearly contender.

I mean, even Jim Caldwell had a SB appearance

And yes, Payton has a SB.... but let's not act like the colts didn't hand it to him. Hank Baskett anyone?

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He hasn't done anything since the SB. They can't even win one if the worst divisions in football


Payton hasn't done anything since the Super Bowl because the Saints have been in Cap HELL for years.    They've given away a lot of talent,  or haven't you noticed things like trading Darren Spriles and Jimmy Graham among others.


It's Cap Mismanagement and not Sean Payton that has been the Saints problem.


And I'm sure our resident Saints expert will be along to explain why I'm wrong and what's wrong with the Saints in 3.... 2..... 1....


Cue the man!!!  

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He has lost all momentum in NO after dealing away most of his offensive weapons and the suspension, and Drew Brees in his the last few years of his career, and he recently went to a Super Bowl and beat guess who? 


Doesn't seem like a stretch or a bad fit IMO.


I would be excited. They have a pretty solid run game going in NO. 

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My biggest problem with Pagano is; He isn't particularly good making in game adjustments.  Average as a head coach imo.  If we do replace him lets bring in someone who is well established.  


Well established, unemployed, NFL head coaches aren't the easiest thing to come by. It pretty much doesn't exist. Sure, Cowher's out there, as is Gruden, but neither has coached in years, and both seem to really like their nice cushy TV jobs. When/if Pagano goes, I'm about 75% certain Chudzinski takes over for him.

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