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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • We are also bottom 5 in number of 3rd downs at 33. In other words, Eagles who have 47 3rd down plays in 3 games are worst. Our short yardage plays will improve once JT's vision will improve on 3rd downs. Plus, with both Parris and Pittman injured, it is going to be tough having chain movers, hope they are back soon. Not concerned yet.
    • What was the 10th possession?  Maybe end of half or game?   I agree that it didn't have a huge impact on the time the offense had to play.   Just a bit though.  i was fine with the offense scoring 20 points.   Not thrilled with the 3rd down efficiency, but I think they went conservative early when they seen they were in control.  
    • Games are still on. If titans can practice Saturday maybe they move the game to Monday night.  All 8 people were asymtematic which means if they take to consecutive negative tests they can return as soon as they get those negative tests.   
    • East didn't want to quote because it was getting too long.     I said since JTs debut meaning in games 2 and 3 he's gained 12 through the air.   On the limited playbook thing, some of the evidence is that he did not take a majority of snaps in the game Sunday and had a diminished role while the game was still in doubt in the 2nd half.   The evidence right is snap counts IMO.  Yes later in the 4th was garbage time, but through the 2nd and 3rd he was subbed out more often than he was in.   I think you will see that this will continue.   I am still surprised that you don't at least acknowledge the perosnnell issues that have characterized the Colts since the Luck retirement.  It frankly seems pretty obvious   Of course Luck elevated the team, if you think I am disputing that I can assure you I am not.   One thing that I find curious in your disputations is that you say the OLine is kicking butt.  Well if that is the case, we would expect the running game to be averaging more than 3.8 ypc which is well below league average and 27th in football wouldn't we?  Again seems pretty obvious here.
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