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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • The idea of drafting a QB is exciting, but with this team built to win now, I’ll say Darnold. 
    • There were rumors about attitude issues with Rosen that go back to before he even got on the field at UCLA. They persisted throughout his college career, at times exacerbated by his own behavior, and followed him through the draft process. He's been ditched by two NFL teams in two seasons, and is on the practice squad for his third team.    I agree that his circumstances have sucked, but I'm also starting to think that there's something to all these rumors. I'd be okay with letting someone else undertake the Josh Rosen Experiment.
    • Ballard is a very competent, solid and well respected GM. For the most part I still feel like the franchise is in good hands.  He isn’t infallible and is over rated by some at times.  He was spared from making a huge blunder out of the gate when Josh McDaniels reneged on becoming his head coach. I think that hire could have really set us back. Fortunately, he was on the right side of luck with that.  Unfortunately, Luck kicked him in the butt when he retired so suddenly.  So you take the good breaks along with the bad and hold him to how he adjusts.  His legacy will ultimately be determined by how well he can address the franchise quarterback void.    The Colts win/loss record during the Ballard regime isn’t that impressive considering the respect and deference that fans and colleagues grant him. Yet despite the record, you can clearly see where improvements to the overall roster have been made.  The team is young and laden with potential that still must be realized. Perhaps the biggest challenge to Ballard finding the next great Colts QB is that the team is built well enough to carry an expectation to win and compete right now and for the immediate future. At what point do we insert an inexperienced, strong armed Eason in to see what he can do.  Does that decision potentially jeopardize a future season where the Colts roster would otherwise be expected to complete?  Not an easy decision to make and a delicate balancing act to say the least.   Ballard’s drafts have been a mixed bag but he has had some astounding successes that more than make up for any mistakes. His sweet spot is the 2-4th rounds.  His 1st round picks haven’t been noteworthy although he made a great decision to trade last year’s for Buckner.  He loves to trade out of the first round to amass picks or add talent to the roster.  However, eventually he will need to not avoid making a first round selection for fear of drafting another potential bust...like Hooker.   All in all, I still like Ballard and believe he is capable of building a Super Bowl caliber team in Indy...eventually. 
    • I think their ILB situation is bad and their CB’s are shaky. I didn’t realize the OL quality was due to injuries though, so I’m wrong on that front. I thought their starting OL five was the ones they play now. Like I said though, Mahomes covers those small weaknesses perfectly.
    • I think it would be nice.   All 3 would push each other and we could have a pretty strong QB stable.  
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