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Dorsett is going to be fine guys!!!! Its our joke of an OL and our joke of a GM and our joke of a OC. I'm gonna say this like a 10 year old kid would say it. Ryan Grigson is stupid. He is a stupid, stupid, stupid general manager. Oh lets not fix the OL even though it sucks. Better not sign a big name guard. It may hurt us in 5 years. Dummy.

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If anyone has any confidence whatsoever that Luck and this offense will do something positive with this field position then please say so right now.  lol

I heard crickets.  Can't say that I blame anyone because I wouldn't touch that either!  lmao


Nice drive Colts.  Come on D!

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Not dead.

But hers the thing, we've been in worse spots before, Texans...KC, but it just don't feel the same.

I really have limited confidence in the O right now. I don't like this feeling.

I feel a win. Said it to the wife before that drive.

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    • Predicted this last night in the Cully thread.   The perfect out come he is traded to SF is and out of conference and Stafford is traded to Colts and is out of conference.  
    • I think SF would be a frontrunner over the Jets for one of Watson's destinations.   Mahomes is a hindrance for the Broncos to go after him or Stafford, IMO. WFT is a dark horse and Dan Snyder is stupid enough to mortgage 3 first rounders and 3 second rounders for Watson, IMO while I feel his market value should settle down at 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders. Jimmy G definitely is slightly better in a swap than Drew Lock as well, IMO.
    • I highly doubt Watson is going to retire and walk away. Not with that type of money. I don't know his personal finances but if he has high dollar bills to pay he has to work.   
    • Meh this doesn't mean much to me.  10 teams is still a lot of teams.     If you have a QB or are picking towards the top of the draft you probably are not interested.     Article lists 19 teams but the article is incorrect that these teams would be seriously interested in giving up picks and money for Stafford.  Remember these teams arn't stupid, they know it's likely going to take a 1st.  They arn't getting Stafford for some 5th round pick.   Article lists:   Jets, Patriots, Dolphins, Steelers, Browns, Jaguars, Colts, Texans, Broncos, Raiders, Washington, Cowboys (as a potentially cheaper alternative to Dak Prescott), Bears, Vikings, Panthers, Saints, Falcons, 49ers, and Rams.   But several of those are incorrect.   Jets are in complete rebuild and hold the #2 overall pick.  They are not going to want to make a significant investment in a 32 year old QB.   Patriots: Yes   Dolphins: Probably not, they will probably give Tua another year.     Steelers: If Big Ben said I'm retiring now than yes.  But if Big Ben is coming back than no.   Browns: Umm no, they have Mayfield.  Stafford might be a little better but is the improvement worth a 1st rounder to them?  Also Mayfield is a lot younger.   Jags: They would be stupid to trade Trevor Lawrence for Matt Stafford.  Jags need to get Lawrence and build around him.     Colts: Yes   Texans: Maybe but probably not.   It doesn't seem 100% certain that Watson is on his way out.  Plus even if Watson is on his way out, Texans are also in a complete rebuild.  If you are rebuilding you don't invest high picks in older Vet QB's because by the time your rebuild is complete they are on the decline.   Broncos: Maybe   Raiders: No, again how much better is Stafford over Carr?   Washington: Yes   Cowboys: Seems to me that they should just pay Dak.   Bears: Yes   Vikings: I think they are still attached at the hip to Cousins.     Panthers: Yes   Saints: They have Hill as their QB.  Payton said he was going to be the next Saints QB.  Plus given the cap situation they couldn't.  They are over 100M in the red.   Falcons: Maybe if Matt Ryan is leaving.  But I have not heard that he is.   49ers: I think they are kind of attached at the hip to Jimmy G.   Rams: No, Stafford doesn't provide enough of an improvement over Goff.  
    • I've been looking and I can't find any actual quotes from Watson saying anything like that. The only actual quote about a head coach he made was:   "I mean, we just need a whole culture shift. We just need new energy. We need discipline, we need structure, we need a leader so we can follow that leader as players. That's what we need. We've got to have the love of not just the game of football, because that's what we do, but the love for people and the people in this organization."   I think his comments about the organization as a whole, with regards to the racist (some may say they were only "racially insensitive") comments prior owner Bob McNair made and BoB allegedly made to Hopkins, reflect a culture of racism that has festered throughout the organization.   There were musing that Watson preferred Bienemy, but those musings never mentioned it was due to race, although assumptions were made. What QB wouldn't want the OC for one of the most high powered offenses in the league to be his HC? Especially one that is talked about in such high esteem by his players.   I honestly think as soon as McNair asked for his input, then essentially told him to go kick rocks, he was done there.
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