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Colts @ Titans Game Day Thread


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I know we try to believe that every game is important, but fans what us to have the same efficiency against playoff teams, not just the AFC South.  We are going to be really tested in Week 6 and so on.  As of now, week 3-5 is pointless and is considered a warm-up or "finding ourselves."  Although Jaguars and Texans Defense has improved.

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Since I was WAAAY off on my predictions last week, let's see if I can do better today (aside from the final score)


Colts: TY goes off 100 plus yards, 2 touchdowns

Colts: Andrew throws three touchdowns and a pick

Colts: We get out first rushing touchdown of the year by Tyler Varga

Titans: Dorial Green Bekham goes for 100 yards plus TD

Titans: Bishop Sankey has a pair of scores

Titans: Mariota throws for 300 plus yards.


Last two week I predicted the Colts would win, and we lost. So this time, imma predict we lose. 31-28 Titans (if we win, thank me later)

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Pep, Luck: Convince me you have changed and have learned from your mistakes.

I don't want to see an ugly game on our side, but more importantly, I want to see the victory.

Bring it home, boys!!


No Toler again, so Brown, Patterson & company have to step it up.

Go Colts, all day, every day!

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    • This is as close to reading things that I have been saying for some time now.    WR, DB, PR are significant to the passing game, and we lack depth and probably top tier talent in those corps and have for years, extending into mid-Grigson tenure.   They are also EXPENSIVE positions.  Positional value matters.  While individual picks like Kelly and Nelson are great, and throw in a FS in between, back to back to back first round picks that repeatedly ignore positional value is going to leave a team short in the expensive positions down the road.  With TY slowing, we are there now. And we still need an expensive LT soon.    Having all-pro players is always nice, but investing capital in all pro players in low-ish value positions makes it more difficult to find enough capital to accumulate higher value positions.  And now we need our 4th round QB to probably play above his draft position to avoid having to draft another QB high.   I think Ballard got a win with Buckner, and got good value with getting a 3 down RB (my projection) in Taylor and a competent #2 WR (my projection) in Pittman.  But he's going to have to allocate first round drat picks for a #1WR, a LT ,and a threatening DE over the next three years to make up for the Colts investing multiple first round picks in low value positions a few years ago.   And yes, the first 2 or 3 years Vontae Davis was here he basically played man and shut down the other teams #1WR.  That was a big deal that is missed very much.
    • Peyton has as many as Shula and Polian has one less in terms of wins and appearances in the Super Bowl.  You might not think they are football geniuses but you would be in the very small minority of those that don’t.
    • You are so possessed with being right it's ridiculous. Even when you are wrong. 
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