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Indianapolis Colts
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    • There was that time he criticized Luck after that loss to the Jets... saying things like “it’s not that hard, it’s not trigonometry” and after three years, Luck should “be more comfortable” dealing with the pressure. He tried to clean it up in a later interview but it didn’t make much sense. I’m definitely not trying to argue with you or anyone who thinks he was a great coach, I personally didn’t care for him but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just wanted to point out that he was not a 100% saint when it comes to blaming players. Certainly could have been frustration getting to him, and it wasn’t often, but he did do it.
    • And yet Gruden wants to get rid of him so badly even with all those lofty stats.  Things that make u go hmmmm.!!!!
    • Unless he bombs at the combine I'm sure he will. I just don't want him here. I'd rather get Mims, Johnson, or the kid from ND later on. 
    • I dont care if we get Carr.  The D line needs play makers. We trade for Carr and this D still cant stop anyone. Assets need to b poured into the D tackle position.  I dont think Gruden is the 2nd coming. However that being said. I dont get how people are so eager to trade for a guy whos current team wants to get rid of him so badly.
    • I don't claim they're bad, their stats, PFF ratings, health history, and age suggest they should be replaced. They should be replaced regardless of their QB strategy or motivation.   Before slamming my recommendations, take a look at their data. I'm specific, using data to support.  You're being anecdotal and lazy citing "roster management". Roster management is knowing the performance, age, health and cost of the roster, which I've used clear and specific example.   As far as replacing, yes, via draft and FA. I also illustrated specifically how many starters we turned over in each of the last 3 drafts, and that doesn't even take into account FA. And again, your anecdotal. 
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