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Lets look at some positives


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-Anything short of a superbowl appearance and Pags, Pep and co are more than likely out.


-Grigs will be under fire to put a legitimate team together for the new coaching regime.


-We still have Luck who we all know can turn it around and carry this team.


-Our defense is starting to look like something with Anderson and Parry going beast mode and the additions of Irving and Moore with Davis, if fully healthy I could see good things.


-Robinson, Varga, Geathers and Dorsett I believe are all promising players.


-We started 0-2 last year mind you we didn't look this bad but we still play the AFC south and NFC south and once January comes its a whole new season


-IMO we have a superbowl talented team but not the coaching staff to bring us near that level, so I wont argue with a miracle turnaround and a superbowl run.... but if the season tanks, lets get a decent draft pick and clean house

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