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I've noticed a lot of threads about the new DL.  I think this is a bright spot moving forward.  Langford, Anderson , and Parry are excelling out there.  We were stuffing Ivory when they were running against our nickel defense.  These guys do not stay blocked, and they make plays.  Please, Please, Please do not make this a middle linebacker thread.  Everyone knows that is a huge hole. 


I am a little confused about the role of our DL.  Specifically when it comes to applying pressure.  These guys are all plus run defenders, but it does completely rely on other sources of pressure.  I don't really see us as a traditional attacking 3-4.  Parry would be the ideal nose in a 4-3.  Langford and Anderson could both be great left ends in a 4-3, or they could be the classic 3-4 ends.  I guess what I'm getting at, is should we draft a pressure 3 technique to go with Parry, or do we still try to find pieces for the classic 3-4, like the fatty NT, and improved linebacker play across the board?

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They are looking at T.Y. Mcgill or Billy Winn to be that 3 technique.  Problem is they are both very new and can't provide a whole lot of contribution for a couple of weeks.  People talked about us one gapping, but to me it still looks like we are doing quite a bit of two gapping out there as well.  I think they are confident Parry can get the job done and I can' t say they are wrong at this point.  I saw him playing head up over the center on several occasions.  He and Henry Anderson are doing a really fine job out there.  I'll have to check the stat line but it seemed like Henry had at least another 6-8 tackles out there again including the sack.  H.A. is just a BEAST out there to be honest.

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