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"We Will Win the AFC South" Nonsense - NO ONE CARES


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • So according to you one person is the team. Great thinking!!
    • @2006Coltsbestever I'm think of benching Gurley for Joshua Kelley vs the Panthers. Eleker will obviously get the majority of snaps, but I think with Herbert starting, Chargers will lean on their run game. Also Gurley has been pretty underwhelming so far and I'm not too big on his matchup vs the bears. What do you think?
    • Falcons are the dumbest team ever. The Football gods could grant them the talent to win 10 Superbowls and they would win none
    • Lots of question marks in the secondary. For me, the questions start with the scheme. I don't think Ballard went into the 2017 draft planning to change the defense a year later; that's an assumption that people accept as fact, and I think that's undetermined. Still, Hooker would fit fine into the defense I assume we want to play (still don't know what exactly the scheme is meant to be), although the value for a mid first rounder isn't exactly there. Not a waste if Hooker plays well. Hooker's play never matched expectations after his knee injury, and declining the option was more an indication that he hadn't earned a new contract, not that he couldn't be a factor in the defense.   The other secondary picks had issues of their own -- Wilson not a great fit, but he didn't work hard enough, Hairston was a fifth and would have been fine, etc. -- but yeah, the DBs, especially outside corners, aren't where they should be yet. I don't have a problem with Rock, we'll see what happens with him.    Also, I'm not sure how they value outside corners. Again, the scheme isn't clear to me. But if you're going to play Cover 2, investing a lot of draft capital and/or money into corners isn't in the cards.     Agreed. But difference makers at DE are like QBs. Either you draft a stud early in the first, or you hope someone excels. Again, injury has hit us here. I really like Buckner and hopefully he'll make a huge difference for the outside guys, but we still need one of the young guys to step up. Probably better off here than at WR or CB, but still not great. So far, it's been a pass rush by committee approach.      For me, it's QB. JB isn't that good, and he was the starter for 29 of the 48 games in Ballard's tenure, before 2020. Ballard didn't plan on JB being the starter in any of those games. Luck wasn't supposed to miss 2017, and he wasn't supposed to retire before 2019. Even in 2018, Luck was working his way back from injury, with a new coaching staff, and a not great group of receivers.    We still need a long term solution at QB, but I'm okay with the approach so far. I don't think it's reasonable to get hung up on the win totals so far, primarily because of the QB situation, but that's not a legitimate excuse this season.    I don't see Ballard making a big trade to get up to the top of the draft, so we better hope Rivers does enough over the next year or two, or hope Eason can play. Because I don't see us having a top five pick to draft a guy like Burrow or Herbert any time soon.    In the meantime, Turay, Banogu, Lewis, Rock, Willis, Blackmon, Pittman, Patmon, Fountain, etc., need to show what they can do, and Buckner, Houston, TY, Doyle, etc., need to lead the way. 
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