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Colts Vs. New York Jets Monday Night Football Game Thread


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Hi, Colts fans! :) Our Indianapolis Colts are on the international spotlight as they play the New York Jets in their home opener at LOS for ESPN's Monday Night Football. Colts and the New York Jets are playing their first regular season game in Indianapolis in almost six years (December 2009).

Colts already won a playoff game over the New York Jets at LOS, but will try to even their home record there at 2-2 tonight as they will try to win their first-ever regular season home game over the New York Jets, since moving to Lucas Oil Stadium (the building) back in August 2008. Colts are also coming from their 27-14 road loss on Opening Sunday at Buffalo, while the New York Jets defeated the Browns 31-10, in their home opener at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Both the Colts and New York Jets are meeting for the 72nd time in the all-time regular and postseason series, including 4 postseason games, a rivalry that began when the New York Jets, with Joe Namath, upset the heavily favored Colts at the time by the score of 16-7 on Super Bowl III played at Miami, Florida, back on January 12, 1969.

N.Y. Jets last defeated the Colts by the score of 35-9 in their regular season meeting played at the new Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, back on October 12, 2012, and also edged our Colts 17-16 during the 2010 AFC Wild Card Playoff Game played at LOS back on January 8, 2011. New York Jets outscored our Colts 52-25 in the two previous games. Colts first win over the New York Jets since the team moved to LOS across the street from the RCA Dome, was the 30-17 victory during the 2009 AFC Championship Game back on January 24, 2010.

New York Jets also defeated the Colts 29-15 on their first meeting played at LOS back on December 27, 2009.

Colts though, will try to seek to win their first-ever regular season home game in Indianapolis over the New York Jets, since moving to Lucas Oil Stadium. Colts last defeated the Jets in Indianapolis 38-31 at the RCA Dome back on November 16, 2003.

New York Jets have also outscored our Colts in the previous meetings by the margin of 62 points, 1474 to 1412, but the Colts lead the overall all-time regular season and post season series by 11 games, 41-30-0, entering Monday Night.

Former Colts center Jeff Saturday, #63, who went to the University Of North Carolina, will be honored at halftime, as he will be permanently enshrined in the Colts Ring Of Honor at LOS. Saturday was also Peyton Manning's primary snapper at the center position during both players time with the Colts. Congratulations and well-deserved, Jeff!

Mike Tirico and former Raiders and Buccaneers Head Coach Jon Gruden are announcing the live TV game commentary, along with sideline reporter and interviewer Lisa Salters, televised internationally on ESPN's Monday Night Football, live on HD.

Bob Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Colts,' and former Colt QB Jim Sorgi, are also announcing the live radio game-play-by-play and analysis. along with sideline reporter and interviewer Matt Taylor, simulcast on flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM, and WLHK Country 97.1 HANK-FM, and the Colts/Vectren Radio Network.

Tonight's game will also be syndicated internationally on the Westwood One Radio Network, with Kevin Harlan and former NFL QB Kurt Warner announcing the radio game commentary, and sideline reporter and interviewer Jim Miller.

LOS's roof may remain closed for the fan's and the public's safety, for the 8:30PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, from the recent bolt incident that injured three Colt's fans back on September 3. Clear skies at 65 degrees is forecast outside around the stadium area though in Downtown Indianapolis, along with 0% precipitation, 57% humidity, and mild northeastern winds at 5 miles per hour.


Visiting New York Jets are wearing their white jerseys, and green pants, on the playing field tonight, while the host Colts are wearing their traditional home blue jerseys, and white pants.


NO injuries, win your first home game of the 2015 NFL regular season in front of your Colts faithful, and also try to win tonight after Jeff Saturday's induction into the Colts Ring Of Honor in LOS, stay Colts Strong, and GO COLTS!!!!! :coltslogo:

Colts Vs. New York Jets NFL Monday Night Football Pre Game Press Release On Adobe PDF:


Colts Vs. New York Jets Live NFL Monday Night Football Game Centers, And Pre Game Injury Reports:






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LucasOilStadium got the thread started early for this game!  Awesome stuff, thanks as always!  Get excited for our home opener tonight, folks.  Let's get the first win of the season in front of the home crowd!  Let's see some bold predictions, too!


Colts bold prediction: We score 2 TDs on defense/special teams

Jets bold prediction: 2 separate Jets players will have 100+ yards receiving tonight

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Bold predictions? Alright heres mine (tried to keep it as least biased at possible)


Colts: Dorsett will break out with a 100 yard 1 touchdown game

Colts: Henry Anderson will get a forced fumble on a Jet tonight

Colts: Someone is gonna fumble it on special teams again


Jets: Fitz has a good game. 300+ passing yards

Jets: Revis shuts down TY 

Jets: The Jets struggle to get much of a running game going. 


I dont want to feel grumpy for the rest of the week, so get this win boys. Go Colts!

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Thanks LOS. Great intro. Great stuff! I have been saying on here for the last few days 27-20 Colts and that was thinking TY wasn't going to play. It looks like TY may play so we could win by a bigger margin possibly but I will stick to 27-20. Jets have a good Defense so we still probably wont break 30 points but should be able to score somewhere in the 20's. I am thinking Fitz will get picked off once or twice as well which will help us out. Bold prediction: Gore gets over 100 Yards rushing. We haven't had a 100 Yard rusher in 41 straight games. So I figure that is fairly bold.

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Ok I'll play....Colts 27 - Jets 10

Good rookie night for Colts:

Anderson 1 sack & 6 tackles

McGill - 1 sack and 3 tackles

Geathers - 1 pick and 3 tackles


4 total sacks

Varga screen for his first TD

Moore & Irving will help keep Jets under 100 running yards.

Turnovers will influence how close this game is.

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    • I mainly blame the D for this loss. Statistically we killed them on offense. When you let a QB complete 19-20 passes and create no turnovers that almost will always result in a loss.
    • They played better than the Vikings.    My choices for team with the worst record: Lions, Bengals Jets.
    • Is this the logo:       Oh wait that’s Schneider.  Forget it. 
    • I banned myself from the board after the game because all I wanted to due was rag on Reich after the game. I thought a week away would temper my opinion, but it didn't. I agree that this is Reich problem, agree that some players need to play better, but also know the players weren't prepped well, and the game plan did not put them in the best position to do well.    Reich's game plan was boneheaded. I'm not quite sure which was worse, last year's Miami game, or last weekend. I have zero problem with passing more than throwing, but we had more than twice the passing attempts than rush attempts. That's just dumb against Jax, it's uber dumb for the first game, and super duper dumb when you have our OL and RBs. We won in time of possession, and had 27first downs compared to 17 of theirs and still lost. 85 rushing yards on 21 attempts, even with Mack going down, is just silly.    And while I didn't think it was smart giving up an easy 3, the play calling was just horrible. 1) Using your APB instead of Mack or Taylor, 2) going over the LG is predictable, 3) last year we were more successful over the RG and right in general on running plays. 4) if your gong to use your scat back, at least hit the edge or use misdirection. Those combined 4 things are just incredibly bad. And still would have been bad even if we scored.    On D, again we gave up way too much cushion. Sure some DBs made mistakes, but our Charmin soft zone again made a 2nd rate QB look like a surgeon. Jax has zero running game (they only had 72 RB yards), and their starting RB1 is a UDFA. To allow them success running in the first half was inexcusable. And to not play more aggressive press man vs a guy like Minshew is another    Rivers - I don't mind 1 INT per game, especially if a QB is throwing 300 yards. The first INT, I can understand a bit. Rivers got fooled when Henderson handed off his man to the S and came back to help double TY. It was a great call by the DC, and was kind of a set up as Henderson was typically sticking to his man. There's a good vid on youtube showing the Xs and Os of the play. I'll also say it was not a typical clean/quick route by TY. It's was a 7 route releasing from the inside. TY did a little lazy juke fake inside and then went out. The lazy look of the turn bothered me less than effort he had on the ball. Normally TY is a sharp aggressive cutter, and fights for the ball. The hole route/effort just looked un-TYish. You could tell by some of the lazy routes of the other WRs that this play was always going to TY (look at the left inside route). Anyway, I'm tired of trying to call plays for TY, or forcing plays to TY, when we had so much success elsewhere. The 2nd INT was come from behind stuff late in the game which most QBs suffer from. His fault, but should have never been in that position in the first place. He owned it. I expect better things.   OL - Our OL looked bad at time vs a mediocre Jax DL. On the 4th down stop of Hines, Nelson got shed like a rag doll. Hines should not have been running that in the first place, and going over the LG was predictable, but Nelson can't look that bad if he's going to live up to his rep. Stupid call by Reich, bad job by Nelson.    DBs - Moore to me was the biggest disappointment. Certainly didn't live up to his billing. No DB played good, but at least Rock wasn't as bad as the rest. IMO, the game plan and scheme contributed to guys looking bad. So tired of the Charmin soft zone. Once again, giving up that much cushion made a mediocre to bad QB look like an all star.    
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