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Happy New Year, Colts fans! Since the Colts officially own the #1 pick in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft, top college prospect Andrew Luck is expected to showcase himself and his Stanford Cardinal team as they play Oklahoma State University Cowboys in both teams first meeting on the field in the 41st Annual Tostitos Fiesta Bowl being played in Glendale, Arizona.

Andrew Luck may also still be invited to play in the East-West Shrine Game, and the Senior Bowl, before he andt he rest of the college football player prospects all come to Indianapolis in February for the annual NFL Combine at LOS.

ESPN, ESPN Radio - WFNI SportsRadio 1070AM here in Indianapolis - and ESPN 3, will provide both live TV, radio, and live game online streaming coverage worldwide with the kickoff at 8:30PM Eastern Standard Time. :fb:

41st Annual Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Event Links:



Stanford Cardinal and Oklahoma State University Bowl Central Links:



ESPN3 Live Internet Online Game Streaming Beginning at 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time:


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Luck does look like Manning out there as far as changing the play at the line. And his passes have had good enough zip and GREAT touch allllll night long

If u were to put him in a manning jersey in a colts game u would think its manning

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The way Luck is playing and commanding the offense thus far in this game, should give us plenty to cheer about

I really like how he influences the defense with his eyes and how Stanford gives him 3 plays. He's ready

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Out of the 4 games this season Ive gotten to watch A. Luck play, these things have been consistant:

1: Influences the D w/ his eyes

2: Able to make multiple reads of the defense in relation to his WR/TEs

3: Can adjust plays at the line of scrimage

4: Has shown just enough arm strength, with more than enough anticipation of where his recievers are going to be

5: Extremely athletic, both in and out of the pocket

Some negatives:

At times has lost the internal clock as to when to get rid of the ball

Needs to slide when running down the field and about to be hit

While very accurate does sometimes force the ball in dissapearing windows

That being said...

Draft him #1 overall, and lock the Colts into possibly 25-30 years of elite QB play

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