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Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

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Run defense is playing excellent to this point but again our offense has to sustain a drive to help the defense stay fresh

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    • One of the early 3 round mocks I saw had us taking a DE in both the 1st and 2nd round lol.  https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/2021-NFL-Mock-Draft-three-rounds-college-football-Justin-Fields-Trevor-Lawrence-Micah-Parsons-150078428/   I think Houston still has a few very productive years left in the tank. Just adding Buckner will make things easier on him. Regardless, we really need someone like Turay to emerge as a 3 down guy. Even if Turay emerges and Houston is still playing well, I'd love to see us add a 1st round DE. I'm tired of 2nd round projects.   
    • Thanks. I did take a little break. There was nothing new, and was tired of reading the re-hashing of old stuff lol. Things should be starting to heat up a bit with new news, so decided to jump back in. I'm a little stir crazy, but at least the Pacers are getting ready to start the playoffs. Hoping they keep going until FB starts.   Don't have a sub anymore (Athletic), but I have looked at all those games in detail (some of the info in previous post). There are a lot of reasons we fell off. Losing Moore obviously impacted our pass D, but there was a lot more to the story. We played some very good QBs, we had other DB's injured, our O stunk (we had an atrocious number of 3 and outs), our pressure % stunk, etc.. We also got torched deep, which is not even Kenny's area. Rock was the only DB we had playing at a high level late in the year. Willis really got picked on a few games. Hooker was up and down.   The Athletic is pretty good, but they used to be a lot better. Their college coverage has really dropped off. Not a huge fan of Keefer (who wrote the article) either, but he's OK. He was just picked up by WISH (Indy's CW) which is an upgrade though to their coverage.
    • Don’t forget Johnson. We will see if Dulin’s ST abilities helps him make it over Johnson. But with Pitman and Pascal it will probably be hard for Johnson  to  make it.
    • He has a great voice. He has a vibe about him I think he is going to be s very good player. The rest of the video is hillarious.
    • Did you read the article, or did you just spin the tweet? I don't have a subscription to the athletic, but from their reputation, the article likely has more than 'surface level at best' underpinnings to their analysis. Perhaps not.   Btw, welcome back. Was starting to wonder if you were taking an extended break from the forum.
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