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    • I'm not saying the front 4 blitz. I'm saying we don't blitz as a D. And I'm saying we haven't blitzed a lot since Reich took over. Our front 4 would be able to "look" better, if our opponents were more concerned with the blitzing in general, be it LB or DB blitzes. Instead, they are able to focus on the front 4 without much thought or fear of the blitz. There's a symbiosis in blitzing in coverage. There's always a risk. We're just not that risky. It's why we also play a lot more zone than man.
    • Front 4 don't blitz, necessarily.  Maybe Flus doesn't blitz because Oke and Walker aren't very good, and Leonard has to stay back because he's the one with any competent range.  When he's on the field.
    • In response to a question, what other GM would you rather have? I responded that it seems that we are not getting good mileage out of our picks as much as some other teams, and more mileage than others.  That is a mild opinion because I really didn't care about picking a name and going down a list of draft picks.  I'm happy with Ballard, but just off the top.   I think Baltimore continues to get more mileage.  Starting with 2017 when they picked Marlon Humphry at pick 16 when the first 15 teams passed on him.  And they've done a good job at building a team around a specialty QB a non universal franchise QB because they were astute enough to see they would never be in position to get one, so they built around what they could get.   Gruden has done a great job with LV.  In part because he jettisoned his aged WR he inherited and boldly stocked up on WRs in the draft when it was deep with talent.   Pittsburgh has Ben of course, but they have been able to convert from a smash mouth team to an arial attack offense, even after losing their stud but troubled #1 WR.  Their defense seems to have recovered sufficiently after losing their stud LB only a couple of years ago, Shazier (sp)   KC.  They pick players to suit their game. The team has a defined identity.   SF. They have done well with lots of capital.  They had a lot, but at least their mileage got them into the playoffs.   SEA, GB.  Always contenders.  Having the QB helps.     Bills have done pretty well.  Didn't squander a high valued pick on a non high value position, and even traded up to get it.   TENN has done well.  Added a complimentary QB to their smash mouth running game.  Picked a great WR in round 2 a couple of years ago.   OTOH, NE has not drafted well, and now it shows up better as their QB has moved on.   ARIZ seems to always have lots of capital, but seems to get bad mileage out of it.
    • IDK. We came out throwing on 1st from the start when Mack was still in. Not something I'd do the first game of the season, without a preseason, without more chemistry, vs a team that is bottom 4 vs the run. It wasn't a mystery week 1 that they'd be bad vs the run. They were bottom 5 in the league last year too. And it's not like we haven't been without Mack before. Heck, we had Williams, a 4th string guy run for 100+ 2 games in a row last year when Mack was out. Wilkins is capable too. But we also had who many considered one of the best rooks in the league too.
    • Marketing, he is to graduate in December. He would end up doing a masters program id assume for the rest of his time
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