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OG Jon Asamoah might be available, Interest?

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If I remember right he was a solid player for KC, but really hasn't done nothing in ATL. I think he is worth a 6th as he would provide good veteran depth, but I think his contract would be rather large for a depth player. I would pass if I was Grigs unless he thinks he could unseat Louis or Herremans.

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Everything has some value


We ARE thin on the OL


If he is (A BIG IF) better than what we have, and he can be had for a decent value.....


Why WOULDNT you do it



He may be a past "name" that people have heard of, so we say yeah, yeah..........


WHo knows if he has anything in the tank...........  But you DONT overpay to get someone like this

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There are a couple Stanford OL floating on PS Fleming and Yankey maybe we can rebuild the trenches with Cardinals on both sides.

I think we should draft from them more often lol..cuz we seem to hit 85% of the time when we draft from Stanford and they play pro style offense and Def
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He's way better than what we have. But it wouldn't matter if we could get Zach Martin and Joel Bitionio BOTH for a 6th and 7th rounder, Grigs wouldn't do it for some reason or another. We'll stick with what we have and go through another year of having a terrible offensive line. Grigs just has no interest in fixing it. And for somebody who use to be an O-Lineman he sure has a bad eye for talent. Don't mean to rant, but I just cant stand that we haven't fixed our O-Line. I'm scared its going to really stop us from maxing out our potential this year. If you cant draft good lineman go out and buy some!!!

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