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Steelers @ Patriots Gameday Thread


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It should be 14-0 Steelers. Todd Haley is a *.

i don't know about 14-0 but that was a horrible call on the flanker pass.....just dumb....killed their momentum and playing zone it was never going to work and they were running well and had great momentum. Dumb call and worse they didn't check down to a run.
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That's just a terrible defense...terrible (in a Charles Barkley voice)....looks like colts back in Peyton days except no Mathis and freeney. Steelers going to have to score a lot of points this year....they can out score most but not a patriot team that is just as good on offense...and a decent defense.

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"Coach, you think we should cover anyone?"

Tomlin "Nope."

their secondary is perhaps the worst in the league....the worst...and those lbs can't cover either...they are better at pursuit and rushing the passer. They know their defense is awful...they can only hope to slow teams down and hold to fgs. That defense shouldn't be allowed to wear the steeler colors honestly they are a disgrace to the black and gold.
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