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Defense Week 1

Tyler Shaw

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I think Oakland shocks the Bengals, so go with Indy.


Jack Del Rio will find a way to mess it up. Bengals' D interior, when healthy, will be a handful and force a lot of errant throws from Carr. Raiders are a bit overrated, IMO, based on expectations. 


But I agree, out of the two, go with Indy.

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It's too close to call for me...

I always have luck just picking my D/ST in the draft based on the week 1 matchup and streaming from there...

This year I grabbed Carolina with my last pick of the draft to face Jax. and next week (really in the next couple days) i'll grab Tennessee...

Some guys in my league were picking D's in the 8th round...

Just stream whoever faces Jacksonville or Cleveland and grab them a week early... Its always a coin flip every year, anyway... Who thought that Carolina and Detroit would be such beasts last season?

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