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Drake Nevis signed!


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Most excellent


Dan Kadar at Mocking The Draft wrote this about Nevis prior to the draft:

Nevis is a nasty defensive tackle that loves to get after the ball carrier. His quick first step is among the best in this draft class and makes him a great fit at the 3 technique position. When I watch him play he gives me a Tommie Harris vibe in the way he gets into the backfield. Ultimately, Nevis may find himself sliding in the draft due to the limits of what position he can play.

However, the 2nd round is as far as he will fall and whoever selects him will get a guy capable of contributing right away.

Nevis fell to the third round, where the Colts picked him.

The defensive tackles currently on the roster

are Nevis (303 pounds), Antonio Johnson (310 pounds), Fili Moala (305 pounds), Eric Foster (265 pounds), Ricardo Mathews (290 pounds), and DeMario Pressley (301 pounds).

add John Gill (302 pounds) and rookie free agent Ollie Ogbu (298 pounds).

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    • You can’t help those who are determined to complain no matter what.  
    • I mean calling things what they factually are that’s a real spin job by you lol.
    • I think the confusing part for me is the utilization. This is it for Campbell. This is his final season to prove he belongs in the NFL and right now the colts are not doing him any favors if their not even attempting to get him into space and let him work. 
    • I’m not sure you and I are watching the same defense.   Through 3 games the Colts have played 12 quarters and one full 10 minutes overtime.     IMO, the Colts defense has looked good for 5 quarters and the OT.    I’d say the 4th Q of the Houston game plus the KC game. But the defense was unimpressive for 3 quarters of the Houston game and all 4 quarters of the JVille game.   So that’s 7 bad quarters versus 5 plus good quarters.   That’s hardly coming attractions for a #1 defense.    Compounding your argument our pass rush is a long way from being a top 10 rush to be feared or respected.   They will likely get better this year but enough to help make this the number one overall defense?   Right now this feels like you’re watching our games through Blue tinted glasses.     Hey, I’d be thrilled if you’re right, but for right now,  sorry, I just don’t see what you see. 
    • There were a bottom 2ish to start the season...  They lost to Wentz... and a bad WA team. They beat a bad team, Indy, who let their QB set a new career high again (now twice). Totally out coached.  They beat a highly ranked team, with a QB broken ribs lol... who only goes as a far as QB takes them.
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