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One of the players that I watched this preseason was Good


He seemed to do very well at Right tackle


He has good feet and kept his guy off the QB on passing downs.


On run downs he did a decent job as well, not just opening a hole, but sometimes

burying the DE




Before we go any further, I am not saying that we need to move him there and start him.


I have full confidence that Mewhort will continue to develop. 


Mewhort has seemed to improve every series since he was embarrased a few games ago


He still has work to do, but you can see him adapting



The absolute love for Mewhort at LG amazes me. He DID pass block very well


But......... the guy was NOT what we needed pushing the pile for the run game.


He was part of the run game problem...... he couldnt seem to move any of the big fatties out of

the hole . He just couldnt do it



So..... why the post?


To me, Good is able to be the key backup for the Tackle spots (L and R)


Its time to move Reitz BACK to LG


This will help shore up our line




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