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Cut Players Colts Could Look At

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I think we should look at Red Bryant. We need a pure run stuffer. The question is if he can still play like he did with Seattle a couple years ago. Then I really hope we pick up Louis Nix. He had an injury, but I still don't get why Houston gave up on a guy with his talent. He was considered a top 10-20 pick for a while. And its not like he's played and sucked. It wouldn't hurt to pick him up. Especially where he went to ND. As for Gerrod Holliman. If somebody could teach that kid how to tackle he could be a superstar. This may sound crazy but he had the best ball skills in this years draft class among safeties.


I haven't seen anybody of substance that couldn't make it with Rex Ryan that we turned around and picked up over the years.  Red Bryant was released by Rex. Rex Ryans schemes are very similar to most of the stuff we do.  We'll see what happens I guess.

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I'd like Grigson to test the waters with:


- Terry Williams, NT, Chicago 

- Louis Trinca-Pasat, DE/DT, St. Louis

- Andrew Tiller, OG, San Fran

- Ty Nsheke, OT, Washington

- Matt Longacre, DE/OLB, St. Louis



All of these players graded very well with PFF and where cut due to their teams being very deep at their position.

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