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Colts @ Rams Preseason Game Night Thread

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so it's ok to just play terrible cuause " its just preseason"? 


Pass protection has been pretty good so far tonight so far... but we'll ignore that right. 


To quote you from a previous post


"We get it already" 


Stop shoehorning it into every thread. 


Edit **That will teach me to speak too soon** :P

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    • I mean boring coaches who don’t yell that much and don’t say much and say silly things like we are on to Cincinnati never win anything in this league... 
    • With how bad other parts of the game was, TY had a much better performance, 4 for 81 and a TD. Was targeted 5 times, I think the one was technically a drop, but that was on Rivers, TY had to slide and the ball was behind him too. The close to fumble, wasn't at all close, the refs you know, just were not good. On top of that, he still pulled the DEF towards him. With Houston next week, this could be a big breakout game for Hilton, and that would be real good timing
    • Why? We cut ties with a 1st Ballot HOFer to draft Luck. They have Cooper, Lamb and Gallup in place to catch the ball and Zeke to run it. You draft the young stud for 4-5 years on a rookie contract and let Dak walk.   Then you just freed up money for the defense....   They are surely thinking about both ramifications, but business should always take precedence over feelings...
    • Reich's been here a bit more than 2.5 seasons.  After a rough start in his first year, we were consistently winning with Luck.  Knowing we had major holes in a team that was being rebuilt, mind you.   I can't think of many coaches in the league, if any, who could go into a game vs. Derrick Henry without an all-pro DT (Buckner) and arguably the second best DL on the team (Autry) and contain him.  Plus missing a pro-bowl (arguably all-pro caliber) C (Kelly) and have a pro-bowl LT (Castonzo) go out early in the game without the top RB (JT) and have a stellar performance.  We were also missing Oke and had a banged up Q and Walker in the game.  It wasn't our best game, but still, if we can make our adjustments and get healthy, I don't think we'd be huge underdogs vs. TN if we have to play them in the playoffs (after all, we beat them by 17 just 2 weeks ago -- we lost by 19 today, take away the onside return and we'd only have lost by 12).     I'm not giving up on Reich at all.  And, if you can find me a coach in the league who doesn't have a 'silly slogan', please let me know.  Just about every coach in the league says 'it's a long season, we just have to take it 1 game at a time', or some sort of version of that.  Reich's 'silly slogans' like 'one game at a time', '1 and 0 every week', 'get 1 percent better every day' are not really silly, especially considering we have a very young team and several of the guys playing key roles today were thrown in there kind of last minute (Pinter's first time ever playing C).         Let's also not forget the Steelers have only played 3 teams with winning records this year.  They crushed CLE, but barely got by TN and BALT and haven't really had any other blowout performances aside from against the 1-10 Jags today and the 2 win Bengals last week after they knocked Burrows out of the game.  
    • Carrie is not the answer. Carrie is a good NB sub, or maybe even a NB starter, but he's not a CB1 or 2.   Rhodes was holding a ton all game. He just didn't called. The blatant hold they called didn't get accepted. A few plays later his obvious hook and hold was ignored. He had 2 or 3 other pretty obvious holds that were ignored. Not saying Rock doesn't need to quit being so grabby, just saying his rep is playing a part, and Rhodes is getting treated much better. Also, Blackmon wasn't very good today either. He got burnt bad once, and was out of position a few other times. Hard to see the Ss on a lot of plays with the camera coverage, but he didn't look good at all when you could see him.
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