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Colts @ Rams Preseason Game Night Thread

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so it's ok to just play terrible cuause " its just preseason"? 


Pass protection has been pretty good so far tonight so far... but we'll ignore that right. 


To quote you from a previous post


"We get it already" 


Stop shoehorning it into every thread. 


Edit **That will teach me to speak too soon** :P

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    • That makes sense, but the inconsistencies are what is bad.  Denver had no QB's but the game didn't get postponed.   When the Titans game was rescheduled, they only had 8 players test positive and 1 was a long snapper and 2 others were practice squad players.  
    • This is just me but I have NO problem with them doing that to any team. I love it. When they win, they look super cool. When they eventually lose the other team has all the right to clown them which will also be really cool.
    • I think he will be back. The injury now makes it almost certain it will be a one year prove it deal. They said Mack has stayed in town working with Taylor and the RB room. That is quite a commitment with covid and having to still go though testing everyday. This team loves Mack. One year for 3 to 4 million will give us a good idea if he bounces back and lets him help his stock for another team if we can’t keep him long term.
    • ^ yes to that scouting report, at least in terms of his footwork and play speed/athleticism.   I always saw scouting reports praising his  “fluid hips” and his strength, etc. But his footwork, agility/change of direction, and speed seem so lacking.
    • its not about who misses, its about how many.  the league doesnt care who it ends up helping and hurting its just about stopping the spread but not extending the season.   teams that lose a qb or their best defender are kind of screwed by this policy, the ravens and titans  got an extension because there were simply too many to play the game   they dont want forfeits or to prolong the season
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