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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Rams Preseason Game Night Thread

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That's the fastest I've seen Walden run. Despite everything that has been said about him he is worth the money.

Worth the money is a fair point of contention, but he's not the bust some have made him out to be.

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    • For what it’s worth....   yesterday (Monday) over on ESPN radio, Will Cain piled on the love for Frank Reich.   Said among head coaches, only BB and Sean Peyton are better.   Said guys like Reid and Harbaugh may be considered equal to Frank, but they’re not better.     Cain added that he thinks some of the struggles for Carson Wentz may have to do with not having FR on his coaching staff.    Said one of the ways you can judge a great coach is his ability to win in various ways.   We beat KC with the ground game one week, then beat Hou with the passing game the next.   You can agree or not with any of Cains points...   but either way, it’s nice to get a little love on a national level every once in a while.    It’s nice to know that some of the media are paying attention to us...   This won’t always be the case...  but it’s nice to enjoy while we can...   
    • broncos just lost sanders.. as long as we keep lindsay in check, this game should get really ugly for the broncos.
    • I’ve always thought WWII vets should be given free tickets to a game that would honor them. There’s not too many left.
    • colts win because we are playing at lucas and people can actually breathe real oxygen. in all seriousness, run the ball and set the edge. colts do those two things and we win 24-10
    • Not sure if he is a Colts fan or not. I assume you know who he is since you didn’t mention that in your post, so I’ll leave that part out.   I don’t know if there is anything special going on but they honored him on the field before the game Sunday...I assume that’s why he received the game ball.
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