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Hi, Colts fans! Sorry for the late post close to game time. Our Indianapolis Colts are in The Gateway City to play the St. Louis Rams in their third preseason game, both teams playing in prime time. Although tonight is a preseason game, the Colts will try to to do a better performance than on the playing field in this meeting. St. Louis embarrassed Indianapolis by the score of 38-8 back on November 10, 2013. Tavon Austin scored three times for the Rams, with a 98-yard kickoff return, and two touchdown receptions from QB Kellen Clemens. Colts only scored a 13-yard TD pass from Andrew Luck to Donald Brown late in the third quarter, and completing the game scoring, before the scoreless fourth quarter. Our Colts certainly both don't expect, and allow the Rams another domination on the scoreboard tonight. Both teams are also developing their final 53-man regular season roster. NO injuries, return the Rams the favor with a road win in St. Louis, and GO COLTS!!!!!

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    • I remember that posr, and said "Yup' to myself.   I learned my lessen not to pick up my tent stakes and pack to leave during the Colts vs. Pats 2006 AFC championship game when the Pats went up 21 - 3, and at halftime it was 21 - 6 in Favor of BB/Brady.  Colts came back the 2nd half, and Jeff Saturday blew open a hole for Addai's lead taking TD run. giving the Colts a 38 - 34 advantage. Then moments later Marlin Jackson intercepted Brady in Colts territory with less than 25 seconds left in the game to seal the big comeback.   The Colts comeback over the Bucs in OT on MNF in 2003 (38 - 35) primed me for those comeback possibilities, but I still had doubts. Not after that AFCCG in 2006.  I never throw in the towel, and I became a much calmer observer after that too. :)  
    • I don't think they're going to be happy long term if he can't hit a 50 yarder.  He's going to need to work on that range.  But for now I do like the accuracy.
    • I’m not even from Indy or live there and I thought the same thing. Need to only sell tickets to people with an Indy zip code lol. Hope they enjoyed the long ride back to Wisconsin.
    • Oh, I wasn't arguing there is a conspiracy.  I don't believe that.  Just horrible, inconsistent officiating.
    • Except they didn’t call it the same way all game.  Literally the next drive the Packers tackled a Colts defender about to sack Rodgers and no flag.  There were some really bad hold there (the one by Pittman stands out) that you have to flag but most of those were the you can call that every play and officials don’t because this is what happens if you do and no one wants to watch a game like that.   Did the officials miss the face mask?  Yes.  Depending on who you ask they also gave them a huge PI before halftime.  Officials do blow calls I won’t argue that but calling a game on one drive and differently than you did the rest of the game isn’t acceptable.  Yea they were being tight with holding all day but I see the kinds of “holds” the Colts were doing on that drive just about every snap of every game includes this one that arent called.     I also take issue with them not blowing the incomplete pass by Rivers dead on the field and letting it get to replay.  I know they are told to do that on close plays but that wasn’t close and you shouldn’t depend on replay for obvious calls like that.  I’ve seen too many odd things happen in replay where they start looking at it like well can we see it the other way rather than go with obvious call,  see the “fumble” in the Ravens game for example.     This crew was bad.  Do I think they were out to get the Colts?  No.  Do I think they had a bad day at the office no different from when players have a bad day?  Yes.
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