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Indianapolis Colts
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    • No position in football is more important than QB.  Fact.  There are exactly 3 QB draft prospects (Burrow, Tua, Herbert) who teams would splash out for as franchise signal-callers.  Indy would have to move up in front of teams with bigger QB woes than ours to get one of them and you can safely assume it would be costly.   Perspectives: Indy has some draft capital to go with massive cap space, which allows some wiggle room in terms of draft strategy and trade potential.   Brissett is under contract through 2020, but is too young to be a true mentor for a young project.  If he was the face of the franchise, we'd know it by now.  That leaves us in an awkward spot.   There is no FA QB not named Brees (who will re-sign with New Orleans) who will be a franchise QB and even Pollyanna concedes that the Colts are not "one player away" from contending for a title.  We never truly contended for one when we DID have Andrew Luck.   Say the names of the potential FA QBs out loud and tell me in your heart of hearts that one of them conjures visions of banners in the rafters.   The million-dollar question then is "what to do?"   As someone fascinated by strategy I find the situation to be exciting, not stressful.  Ballard has long-term vision and will not "Trubisky" us unless he's certain he's got the right rookie.  As fans at least we can have a little faith in that.  Given the variables at play here I'd say:   This is a great time to play "wait and see" with your host Chris Ballard.  He makes heady decisions both short and long term without getting overextended.  At #13, the team is close enough to move up for someone if they really want him.  I can't say with confidence that we'll have a measurably higher slot than that in the next few years unless, of course, we trade out of the 1st again to load up for 2021.  If Ballard/Reich are that sold on a FA QB they have plenty of resources to land him.  That being the case, you'd expect to see that move early in FA because at the end of the day nobody can outbid us.  If not the case, we're back to "wait-and-see" on draft day... Ballard's strength as a flexible and patient GM.     I've made some reasonable assumptions that may or may not be accurate.  This is an open-ended post with no solution required.  I'd just like to hear some thoughts from fellow armchair warriors with a penchant for strategy and analysis.           
    • Would love to add a former Tennessee Vol!   Berry was a special player and if he can return to 85% the player he was, he will be a big improvement over Geathers. Maybe Berry comes in and plays a couple years and shows Willis what it takes to be a pro.   
    • Mayock was in the booth with Rich and Daniel and he touted  Carr’s  season and said his defense is what needed improvement. He was  Very high on Carr.  He could just be raising his value too. Idk.
    • Since I quoted you, I believe you said that he was only good in 2018 because of his surrounding cast more so. If I tagged you incorrectly, I apologize. I was just pointing out while he may have had some good guys on his team, and they may have left that following season, none of his supporting cast appeared to make it in the nfl so how good was the 2018 talent that helped make him good that season?    the question is why didn’t he adapt to the new system, coaching, scheme and was his new teammates so poor that he couldn’t overcome such a dip in talent on the 2019 team? Idk. 
    • I like Reagor as well. Peoples Jones really impressed at the combine along with Chase Claypool. I'd be happy with any of the 3.
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