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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Bears Preseason Game Night Thread

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what a horrible pass by MH does he have grease on his hand...jeez


just an amazing cut back to catch up with it and make a play no way they overturn it

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Hughes totally blew that run play up.

Good hold by the 2nd team

Parry Drew the dbl team allowing Hughes to get in the backfield. Promising!

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    • But Luck quit before the Ballard's third season...and according to many here...JB is a legit starting QB (or at the very least...the league's best backup).    So...you have one of the league's top GMs with three offseasons to build a team...and a legit backup QB to step in and start...and that team wins 7 games. That's less than the 2018 team that had no Luck for half the season and bad/hurt Luck for the other half.   Regardless of missed kicks last season...they were the 19th ranked defense and 19th ranked offense (according to DVOA)...that is basically an average team...or a .500 record team (sort of like 17-15). Either JB was a terrible QB or the roster wasn't as strong as we hoped. I think the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.   With Luck...the team was better than average no doubt...but they also started 1-5...before Luck started playing like an MVP and they rattled off 9 wins against the league's second easiest schedule.    I am not saying Ballard hasn't done a good job building the roster...I just don't think the team results have been nearly as great...or at least not commensurate with the praise he gets. It's fine to judge him on the process...which is what nearly everyone does...but we have to recognize that the team results need to get better fast.  
    • They social high-five during the game but I just saw a highlight where the players high-fived the old way celebrating the win!!! Don't they have families to go home to?
    • Can't answer that question.  IMO, I think we've seen what JB is going to give us.  He's decent when he's not injured.  But I don't think anyone expects much more out of him than that.   We know nothing about Eason.  I keep hearing how he didn't play well against good D's in college.  That could be on the coaching staff.  All we know is that he has the right measurables.  Guys like Montana and Brady didn't.
    • I honestly don’t think they are counting on Eason to be a franchise QB.  He was drafted bc it was very good value in the 4th round.  I bet the real expectation is for him to be a high quality back up.  I’m sure they would love to catch lightning in a bottle but most likely Eason won’t pan out like the majority of drafted QBs despite pro quality physical talent.  I could be wrong, nfl teams try forcing square pegs into round holes all the time. Look at Malik Hooker...
    • Corrected, you are wrong.  Spags runs primarily a Cover 2 type D.  I mean I know you quoted Wikipedia and everything but when you watch they run a very similar D to the Colts.
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