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Colts Vs. Bears Preseason Game Night Thread


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Hi, Colts fans! Our Indianapolis Colts host their first home of the preseason, as the Chicago Bears arrive down Interstate 65. Colts seek to defeat the Bears again in tonight's meeting, as they have prevailed when they defeated Chicago in Super Bowl XLI. Kickoff from LOS is after 7:30PM Eastern Standard Time, No injuries from both teams during tonight's game . GO COLTS!!!!!'

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Woohooo time for some more Colts football !!!  I'm excited to see the starters get a little more playing time and of course to see our rookies too.  Hoping for a WIN but of course, no injuries.  GOOOO Colts !!!

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I'm also excited to see Bryan Bennett learn from the mistakes with turnovers and build upon the flashes of upside that I saw last week I really like the guy and think he has a ton of potential



Other guys I'm looking for to Impress are Junior Sylvestre who had 2 sacks last week, David Parry and other D-Line Rookies who had solid play last week. Also really wanting to see Clayton Geathers and guys like Sheldon Price shine in the secondary as well. Also really hoping Tyler Varga gets a chance to get some snaps at RB he is a great runner and showed it in his 3-4 runs last week,hoping he gets more chances so i can really evaluate him.

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    • I hear you, but my gut says if you don’t see a guy that instantly shows you he can be great, you probably don’t take him in the 1st (at least as it pertains to QB’s).    Plus I feel like a lot of what he has we’ve seen before. The guy who isn’t special but is efficient. That screams Mitchell Trubisky, Blake Bortles, Brandon Weeden, Jake Fromm, etc...   Now he’s playing at a higher level than those guys did in college, but he also has a ton of talent around him. Also let’s not forget about the season Dwayne Haskins had his final year. And Haskins also lacked a stand out trait. Elite college production isn’t a trait.
    • It would say not injury related like it says with Houston if it was exposure. This is exactly what happened with Autry before he got put on the list. They most likely have symptoms and are just waiting for it to show up on a test like Autry. I hope though it’s not covid related but it seems it is.
    • For what it’s worth...    Regarding Rivers’ injury, if it’s indeed “turf toe” — and it’s not clear that’s what it is — but if it is, that’s one of the worst injuries a player can get.   Players say it’s among the most painful injuries you can get.   They often describe it as like “walking on broken glass” with sharp, shooting pain.   “Turf toe” doesn’t sound bad, but it is.     So let’s hope PR’s injury is some other type of toe injury and not turf toe. 
    • We don’t  know if Blackmon and Rock have or were exposed to COVID. Until the Colts put them on the COVID/reserve list like Buckner its just speculation.  Definitely a compliment. Lol
    • These statements are essentially the exact same things word for word that were said about Quincy Wilson.    Intercepted Rodgers and then what happened on the very next defensive drive? He had a 51 yard DPI that resulted in points for the Packers. Back to back weeks with a PI call. There’s still 6 games to play too. He had 8 penalties last year, and right now he’s at 4.    Being a 2nd round pick comes with certain expectations regardless of the position. Especially considering he was awarded a starter spot. That also comes with expectations.
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