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Colts @ Eagles Preseason Game Day Thread

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Yeesh. Couple nice things from the rookies. But overall kind of a stinker. Preseason is so lame

Yeah, I cannot see how they sell many tickets for these pseudo-games.

It is just a extension of training camp to see what the subs do in game situations.

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Not really. He has been open quite a few times. Didn't get the ball though. Stil, caught a slant, fought for an uncatchable ball down the sideline one drop. Combine that with a better camp than Whalen, and it's not even a question. Carter will make the roster. He is the number 5. Whalen is the one fighting for a roster spot. Prepare to be disappointed if you're a Griff fanboy.

He's used his big body to break open on slants, and that's a good thing. We didn't get a great look at his return capability. Would like to see more chances in that respect. The number 5 spot could come down to special teams acumen. Not a "Griff fanboy", but I like his experience in the league, with our starting QB, and on ST. He wasn't terrific in the return game, but reliable and was often the victim of terrible ST blocking personal. 

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