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Bringing Children to Football Games


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So recently I was looking for the rules on bringing children to a specific football stadium and at what point the children needed a ticket to enter.  One search brought me to a yahoo site in which a woman was asking about bringing her infant child to a college game and quoted an incident at Lambeau Field that sparked a debate about a grandfather needing a ticket for a child that would have to sit in his lap. 


The woman was asking the same thing I was looking and the comments, to me were surprising.  It seemed no one wanted to answer her question, and only wanted to disparage and insult this woman.  Comments were varying but all were saying that she was a horrible person for bringing a child to a Football game.  Some remarks were that Football was too violent of a sport for an infant (Under the age of 2), to be at a game and equated it to taking them to a UFC fight.


Even though being two, they would have no idea or recollection as to whats going on, but these people failed to take this into account.


And what is the difference between watching in stadium and seeing it on TV?  None in my opinion, but this logic seems to go over these peoples heads.


They said that any parent who brings their child to a football game needs to have their heads examined, that people don't want to change their demeanor just cause a child is around, just in case they want to get rowdy. That the child should be in his crib rather than wrapped up at a football game. 


In my opinion, why are you Wanting to get rowdy to begin with?  People can be obnoxious and jeer opponents fans, but why are you wanting to get almost physical?


Again, this child will know nothing of what's going on. 


And then to top it off, this child is a complete inconvenience to everyone around them.  One user just flatly told her, I hope I don't sit next to you.


I have a child who will be nearly 5 months old at the time of the game, I wont need a ticket.  I have already taken my other child to a football game who was a year and half at the time and all she did was sleep the whole time. But I wanted to get a feeling from this community as to your opinions on bringing kids to games.


Keep in mind we understand that if your child acts up, it is only appropriate for you to get up so that you don't inconvenience others.  There are always TV's in the concession areas and bathrooms in some places.


Edit:  and if you disagree with me, please let me know your true opinion.  No need to sugarcoat it, I want an honest opinion.  Thanks.

As a father of three, I personally could not enjoy the game if I had my young (<2 year) child with me, only because I would not be able to fully get into the game or fully give my attention to the child.  


The only "issue" I would have with it is make sure the child has ear protection, their ear drums at that age are so sensitive and can suffer permanent damage with the noise, music, and cheering in a stadium.  Also make sure the child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  It drives me nuts when I see a parent having a thick jacket or a few layers on and the kid is running around in a t-shirt or a think long sleeve shirt.

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