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Brady Destroyed Phone

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It still does not mean "the deflators destroyed their phones". It takes two hands to clap and there is a sender and receiver of a phone text message. Of course, this is under the pure assumption that there were text messages exchanged between Brady and the "deflators".


If I am one of the "deflators", think about their stance. Well, if I am going to be paid just $25K or $30K a year, and Kraft and the Patriots will throw me to the wolves any day like a piece of meat should push come to shove, it is in my best interest to keep any messages Brady sent us saved for trump cards and hire my own lawyers, which they should have if they are smart. Then Goodell may have had the same piece of info from their phones and told Ted Wells "let us withhold Brady's side of the text messages and not release it unless we are forced to".


If Brady never sent any messages, he has nothing to fear and thus no need to destroy any phones and he will win his case.  The truth is, we will never know until one side calls the other side's bluff and when push comes to shove, we will find out what the NFL has, what the "deflators" have and what Brady has. Ugly is about to get UGLIER!!! :)

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Sounds like something an innocent person would do... lol. He's not so smart though because if it does go into court, those messages are stored on the carrier's server to be obtained.

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